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  1. Equitatus or JR
    Do you have a copy of the Stewart complaint filed in Contra Costa County? I believe Walter Ng settled out of court in January.
    If not you, anyone?

      • we are involved in a lawsuit against the Ng’s and need information on the timing of involvement by Armanino McKenna and any information regarding their involvement in the fraud on all investors. Please Help

  2. Hello John,

    Why is David Papera the center of attention on this website and the other one you created as well when he has had no dealings with the people listed in your grievences? I look forward to your response.

      • I wasn’t very familiar with the Davide Papera issues until Sara posted here. In reading, I see that he is up for sentencing this Wednesday. Maybe facing 30 years in prison–although that number might not be the most current. Guess we’ll find out this week. But it is heartening to see that the FBI is pursuing these kinds of bank and loan fraud. Hope the Contra Costa County office is as diligent.

        Thanks for posting so more people will be aware!

  3. As you know, the so-called criminal action that was brought against Walter and Kelly was probably not sufficient to satisfy the requirements for the application of the “Madoff Rule.” However, although more cumbersome, we can still get advantageous ordinary income losses if we qualify for a “theft loss” deduction under IRC Sec. 165. I believe that those requirements could be met if a tax payer/investor could provide the documentation that the SEC obviously has given the allegations in its complaint against the Ngs and Horwitz. The issue is obtaining access to those documents. I have written the SEC and requested them and have not yet received a response. However, I would guess that the more pressure that is brought on the SEC to make those documents available, the better chance there is that it will do so. I don’t know what you requested of Diane Feinstein, but from a practical standpoint, asking for her help in this regard would be one of the best things that could happen for many of the investors.

    • 6/2015 There seems to be nothing new posted for this year.. I just got another letter from attorneys about the chapter 11 closing.. I thought they were out of that in 2012..
      .I got letter today about it..and as usual,,they dont really expect anyone to do anything about it because like other documents..they only inform us after the fact…….and the last day to object ” in Texas.” .was more than a week ago.. Business as usual with the Ngs..I hope they will end up like the rest of us trying to survive on only social security…they can never make us Whole..but it would help to get some of our life savings back..

  4. Whats happening…. the RELoans site says we will be notified when the class action is Certified. that was supposed to take about 90 days..its well past that since it went to Judge George C.Hernadez in March of this year..
    its been so long going thru the legal system I feel like they are just waiting for us all to die off and this will be forgotten.. Walter Ng or Wells fargo can never pay enough for the damage they did to my family..but we should not have to wait so long for justice to be done..

    I just got an advertisement from the ” Department of Business Oversight.”. sounds like another useless government group..
    where the hell have they been for the last 30 years while we were being robbed..

    • I just got a tax refund for having claimed a casualty loss for my unfortunate Bar-K investments. That means that I got an ordinary investment loss rather than a capital loss and the difference in benefit can be significant. If you are interested in learning more, contact me at rickperez@perezmiller.com. Good luck,Rick Perez

      • Hello, I would appreciate hearing more about filing a claim for a capital loss. Thank you any information would be helpful. Thank you.

  5. An ordinary loss is typically quite a bit more valuable than a capital loss. I was also able to use my loss to transfer funds from an ordinary IRA to a Roth IRA without having to pay taxes on the transfer. There are also benefits to that.
    If you are interested in learning more, contact me at rickperez@perezmiller.com.
    Good luck,
    Rick Perez

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