Looks like Kelly’s in jail.  Not for long, though, as August 14th is right around the corner, isn’t it?

May 08, 2014

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Federal Correctional Complex Lompoc (Medium)
3901 Klein Boulevard
Lompoc, CA 93436
Phone: (805) 735-2771
Fax: (805) 736-1292
KELLY NG is currently incarcerated at Federal Correctional Complex Lompoc (Medium) and is scheduled for release on August 14, 2015. The inmate is not eligible for parole. Please be assured that, unless otherwise requested, we will keep you informed of all significant release-related activities pertaining to this inmate during the period of incarceration.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding this program or the offender’s status, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above address or you may telephone the VNS Call Center.


Jack Fox

Important Note

Just Do It posted the following:

According to Judge Hamilton’s clerk our emails will not be read. The only way that a letter will be seen by the judge is if we physically take it to the courthouse and file it. The only way we will be permitted to speak at the sentencing is if the US Attorney permits it and conveys this to the judge.

Sentencing for Walter and Kelly Ng — MARCH 5th at 2:30 PM in Oakland


United States v. Defendant(s) Case Number 2011R00248 and Court Docket Number 13-CR-00650   United Sates v. Defendants Walter Ng and Kelly Ng

There’s been some talk on this site about Walter & Kelly’s sentencing.  And we’re aware that it’s not just us victims reading this site anymore.  We have readers from the media as well as law enforcement/judicial.  There’s a lot to learn here about what these crooks did to us and how they stole our hard-earned money.

Life isn’t fair sometimes and we’ve received the short end of the stick in terms of this investment and the fallout that has ensued.  Here’s to the legal system dealing a knockout punch to the hucksters who robbed us blind.

The enclosed information is provided by the United States Department of Justice Victim Notification System (VNS). As a victim witness professional with the United States Attorney’s Office, my role is to assist you with information and services during the prosecution of this case. I am contacting you because you were identified by law enforcement as a victim during the investigation of the above criminal case.

The sentencing hearing for defendants Walter Ng and Kelly Ng has been set for March 5, 2014, 2:30 PM at Courtroom 1, 4th Floor, 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, CA before Judge Phyllis Hamilton. You are welcome to attend this proceeding; however, unless you have received a subpoena, your attendance is not required by the Court.

RE Loans Investors: Please Contact John Robie Immediately If You Qualify

We are looking for people who fit the following criteria.  If you do, please email immediately.
Specifically, were you:
(1) An RE Loans Investor before March of 2007 and (a) added money to your account after March of 2007 and (b) who checked the REL web site and read the Arminino McKenna audits and (c) relied on those audits to invest more money and (d) to vote for the exchange agreement?


Someone who was a new investor after March of 2007 who (1) relied on the Arminino McKenna audits in investing in REL and
voted for the exchange agreement?

Various agencies and investigators need witness information which meets these criterion.
Time is of the essence.  Please reply immediately to if you think you may fit the bill.


Please be careful which links you click on.  There has been a lot of spam lately with people “phishing” for you to click on their links, which can cause security problems.  If you are unsure if a link is legitimate or not, please ASK first and we will tell you if it’s safe to click.  Don’t get lured into (another) scam by carelessly clicking on a link provided by a “bot” trying to steal your info or infect your computer.

Did anyone else receive the REL Liquidating Trust/Tax Info letter?

Aside from how much the mailing cost us, what does it mean?  Anyone?  Do we have any tax professionals who can comment?

REL Liquidating Trust tax info notice December 2012

Soliciting Comment/Input

By now everyone has likely received the September 28, 2012 letter from the REL Liquidating Trustee, Dennis Faulkner.

What are your thoughts about what you read?

Did anyone think there was a lot missing/unsaid?


Houskeeping Note

For the sanity of the whole and in order to keep the focus where it should be, please refrain from picking a random posting to share your thoughts and questions.  Just email and we’ll start a new thread for your specific issue.  Thank you!

What’s Happening?

Apologies for the silence on the news flow as of late.  Things at the Robie household have been challenging, much more so than usual.  Since we don’t have much to share from our side, who’s got something to share with the group?

Questions For Next Week’s Reorganization Conference Call

Hi everyone.  We thought it might be helpful to have a single thread dedicated to legitimate questions we want answered on the next teleconference.  These  questions are not to be answered on the blog by Mr. Cooley, but rather on the next call.  Noteholders:  Please consider answering the questions people pose on this thread on the conference call.  To those posing questions, please keep this civil.  Pointed questions are fine, but let’s keep the name-calling and anger we all share to ourselves for the moment.

I’ll start with two:  What are the different classes of voters?

Yes or no question – only one word necessary (“Yes” or “No”):  Does Wells Fargo have a vote?

Everyone, please fire away.

Did You Receive Your Postcard?

If so, please consider supporting the efforts of those who funded the effort. You can do so by clicking on this link


Then, if you haven’t already done so, check the box to REJECT THE PLAN.

Don’t listen to the bullshit Cool(ey) and the Gang are selling.  Reject the plan.  For your own good.  For the good of all, save for those who were given sweetheart deals while we went down with the ship.

Please Read This

Vote NO on the reorganization plan.

It’s quite simple.

Vote NO if you are part of the 99% who got stabbed in the back by the Ngs.

Vote yes if you support continued behavior many believe is criminal.

Got it?

Spread the word.



Scrutinizing The Burn Rate

Equitatus has posted the first series of receipts being billed to the RE Loans portfolio. You can visit the documents here:

There are hundreds of pages, so it may take awhile to absorb, but since it’s all being billed to us investors, and  nobody else seems to be questioning the obscene spending habits of James Wiessenborn and his merry band of contractors, feel free to use this thread to post and discuss any charges which you find questionable.

For example, I found that Rick Dishnica took Kelly Ng to lunch on 11/30/2011 and sent us the tab.

11/30/2011 Dishnica, Rick 1.5 hours at $410 per hour =  $615
Comment: Lunch with Kelly Ng to update on business activities for loan servicer.
11/30/2011 Dishnica, Rick Lunch- R. Dishnica, Kelly Ng $64
Billing us a total of $679.

Did James Weissenborn, Judge Barbara J. Houser or anybody on our Creditor’s Committee think this might be poor judgement to be billing us for Kelly Ng’s lunch??

Let’s not forget that Kelly Ng and Rick Dishnica go back many years, while working with the $25,000 a year (range) private Bentley school that Kelly sent his kids to, and Kelly coached their volleyball team.

Rick Dishnica is reportedly who referred James Weissenborn/Mackinac Partners to the Ng’s.

Ng’s hire Mackinac Partners, paying James Weissenborn $560 an hour. Weissenborn hires Rick Dishnica at $410 an hour. Now Dishnica bills us $679 to have lunch with his old pal Kelly Ng.

Many more gems like this will probably turn up when we start scrutinizing these bills.

Change of Venue Motion DENIED

We just received word that the judge in TEXAS overseeing the bankruptcy of a CALIFORNIA entity denied the change of venue motion.  God forbid that those affected most by the process should actually have access to the process.  This decision is categorically wrong and leaves us out in the cold – again.  It’s about time one of the many arms of government stepped up and did something right in this case.  Today, however, is not that day.


Farella Braun + Martel and Patricia Joanne Hernandez Fees & Costs

Regarding Walter J. Ng and Maribel Ng’s Chapter 7 case:

Farella Braun + Martel
Attorneys for Debtors
The time period is 05/12/11 – 11/4/11
(a footnote mentions another $12,750 FBM is seeking that would bring the total to $275k)

Patricia Joanne Hernandez
Accountant for the Debtors
The time period is 07/7/11 – 12/1/11


We were just informed that the Bar-K building in Lafayette was about to be sold, however, an attorney is rumored to have stepped in at the last minute to kibosh the deal.

Seeking Info

I am looking for copies of the assignments to RE Loans Siena, LLC, that bear the loan number H0087A, H0087B, H0087C, H0087D, H0087E in the upper left hand corner of the document.  A copy of any other assignment to RE Loans Siena, LLC, would also be useful.  Can anyone help?  If so please email me at  Thank you.

Breaking News

Barney, Kelly and Bruce have been placed into involuntary bankruptcy by a group of brave noteholders.  Equitatus has all the news found here:

Let’s connect the dots.

B-4 Partners, RE Loans, MF ’08, RE Reno, Walter & Mrs. Walter, and now Bruce, Kelly and Barney are all experiencing the “joys” of bankruptcy.

What does this mean for us?  Well, it likely means the end is increasingly near.  Still, we’re looking at pennies on the dollar, but some of us have A LOT of dollars invested.

The managers totally took us to the cleaners and at this point the FBI (did you send your documents in yet?), the DOJ and everyone in between should be looking for a shot at front page news for busting the biggest (purported) Ponzi scheme since Madoff.

Enjoy the holidays, you G*ddamn thieves.

Shit Storm

The “fun” continues.

Attorney Bill Magrane sent the following email to Jeff Krause:

Jeff I am very troubled by the content of the attached “Certificate etc.” (Exhibit 1)  vis a vis the possible bad faith filing of the referenced bankruptcy by your law firm and Mackinac .
As you must know, and as Kelly Ng recites in Exhibit 1, Mr. Ng was only ever “a Manager” not “the Manager” of B-4 Partners Continue reading

RE Loans Schedule B

The postal service delivered Document 291 to my mailbox today. Some others may have received it as well if you signed up for notification or know someone who did. It’s 20 pages, double-sided in small print. It did not come with a magnifying glass, unfortunately.

There is a lot of interesting information, including the following: Continue reading

Creditors Meeting in FOUR DAYS

Last time I didn’t post on the subject and a grand total of three people showed up. I understand the Occupy issue, but this time there should be no such challenges. Let’s show up and show the Ngs what we’re made of.

Please Comment

Please comment on this document we received in the mail today.  You probably got it too.

Share your thoughts.  Is Weissenborn good or evil?


Updates from the Field

November 2nd, also known as Walter’s Wednesday Morning Wake Up Call

Be sure to get your update of the downtown Oakland situation here, before you head out to attend Walter’s & Maribel’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Hearing.

7:00am: All is calm right now. The occupiers seem to be tucked nicely in their tents. Police presence is small to non-existent. Media presence is HUGE. News trucks are stationed just outside the BART elevator, next to Frank Ogawa Plaza/City Hall. All streets and parking garage are currently open. There are no police barricades on Broadway and surrounding sidewalks. This is much different than last week at this time, the city lockdown was in already place. Marches are planned for 9:00am, 12:00pm and 5:00pm. Next update will be coming around 9:00am.

All Apologies

I’ve been absent.  Trying to make a living in these tough times.  Things have been quiet for the most part.  Who’s got an update that’s worth discussing?  Anyone seen Walter golfing lately or Kelly playing volleyball?  What’s the scoop?

Open Questions

1.  What effect did the RE Loans bankruptcy filing have, if any, on the class action suits filed by the Phoenix law firm and Brown (Mendes) as well as the Brower suit filed on behalf of Dixon Collins?  We know that an automatic stay is put into effect once BK occurs, but parties can enter motions to lift the stay, allowing for the case(s) to move forward upon approval from the BK judge.

2.  What is the status of the Alegria/Grassi lawsuit?  We know the suit was dismissed without prejudice.  Did this turn into a settlement?  Do any of the bankruptcy filings pump new life into this case or did Alegria & Grassi secure a settlement and pocket some cash or property?

3.  If, as some say, ’08 is simply a ponzi, that was built on the backs of RE Loans, is ’08 in a better or worse position than RE Loans?  Given the lack of a line of credit, one might argue that ’08 is in a stronger position.  Given the specter of a ponzi scheme, others might argue they’re in deeper sh!t than RE Loans.  What say you?

Chime in, people.



The Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court entered a Default against Walter Ng, today, September 23, 2011.  You can read the doc <here>.
According to attorney Richard Brown, taking a default in an adversary proceeding is a multi-step process. Continue reading

KQED story

This was just on KQED radio this AM (8:33) about the class action suit filed on the 31st by Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint

Interview Opportunity





From: Angelina Wong <>
Sent: Mon, Aug 29, 2011 3:37 pm
Subject: Walter Ng

We are KTSF TV in the Bay Area and would like to request a television interview with you regarding the class action against Mr. Walter Ng and others.  Is there any Chinese American plaintiff that we can talk to?
Angelina Wong
Assignment Editor/Reporter
100 Valley Drive
Brisbane, CA 94005
415-468-2626 ext 7324


Enjoy the Enjoyment

Shine A Light and Bang The Drum

Think Walter’s sleeping well tonight?  How about Kelly?  Unlikely.  Here’s the link to the story by Dan Noyes and the I-Team crew at KGO:

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this happen and those who were brave enough to appear on camera.  We have had an amazing amount of traffic to the blog today (nearly 2,000).  That means people saw the story and wanted to learn Continue reading

If you haven’t read this yet, please do….

…and thank you to Richard Brown, Esq. for his hard work.  Putting together a complaint of this nature isn’t easy.  It’s painstaking and time consuming.

Monday Funnies

This Is Important

p.s.  Dear Tracy Green:  Your opportunistic self-aggrandizing behavior deserves a good old fashioned review by the California State Bar. You are nothing more than a common (financial) strumpet.  Good day.

John Robie’s Absence

John has been off working on a project for the blog.  In a little while, we’ll be able to bring you some video clips and interviews.  In the meantime, we need to keep fighting the power.  It’s only July, so there is a bit of time left until we need to file our proof of claim forms and there are some other good things brewing that we’re not privy to discuss as of yet.  Good stuff coming.

149 Petition Signatures & Counting

Keep it coming, people!

Keep It Simple

Yesterday we asked you to take two simple steps:

  1. Sign the petition to the U.S. Trustee
  2. Send an email to Mr. Weisenborn

We have over 100 signatures on the petition, so that means there are 2,900 of you out there who haven’t stepped up to the plate.  Every single one of us has a friend or family member, so that means there are at least another 3,000 or so people who could sign the petition.  Will you take the time RIGHT NOW to do so?  After “signing” the petition, you will have an option to “email” the petition to friends and family.  Please do this.  Urge them to sign the petition on your behalf.  Once again, this is easy.  It is not hard and it won’t eat up your day.

Each email to Mr. Weissenborn is another easy operation.  You’re already online.  We already posted sample questions.  Please take the time to do so NOW.

See below for the link and JW’s email address.

Do yourself a favor.  With the Fourth of July coming up, make a play for your freedom.  You don’t enjoy freedom from the suffering the Ng’s financial mismanagement has added to your life.  What is stopping you?

Fighting Kaplan

The documents on Equitatus’ blog are worth reviewing.  In the end, Kaplan and his firm will likely be representing Maribel & Walter.  While it costs us money (that we don’t have) every time papers are filed and court appearances occur, we gain a deeper insight into the affairs of the entities and the individuals, which is highly beneficial.  Transparency benefits us.

UPDATE:  Forgot to mention that a mailing arrived yesterday from Kaplan.  Yesterday was, of course, June 7, 2011.  The Continue reading

Kaplan’s Kapers (UPDATED to include BRAVO, BROWER)

Thanks Equitatus:

Thanks Again to Equitatus and especially to Robert Brower:

yes…we are fans of alliteration here…

McGuire Trial Update

Robert Brower has confirmed the following dates:

Jury Selection,Wednesday June 1 and Thursday June 2
Opening Statements, Monday June 13

Filing A Proof Of Claim

The Robie Family received their proof of claim form in the mail today as did everyone else on the 268 page creditor’s list, likely, unless you live far away or Walter hasn’t finished folding, stuffing and stamping.  We have never done this before, so if anyone could help guide the uninformed, we’d be appreciative. Continue reading

McGuire v. Horwitz trial update thread

Trial minutes can be found on this thread and will be updated as available.

5-11-15 minutes

Questionnaire thread

Many would like to discuss the drafting and mailing of an investor/noteholder questionnaire. This is the place to discuss such an idea. Have at it.

All Questions Answered

Things have been quiet here lately. Is this the calm before the storm (McGwire, Collins, Stewart and Lemas) or have you simply resolved yourself to the fact that your investment might be worth around a penny or two on the dollar? Weissenborn is quiet. His silence seems to silence us, which is opposite of the way things should be. The less we hear from Weissenborn, the more we should kick and scream. Often times we ask you for suggestions on what to discuss, so let’s try something new. We’ll answer all your questions in this thread. If we can’t answer them, others can jump in. Who’s got a question they would like answered?

Why so shy?

This site is averaging 334 visits per day in 2011, yet only a few feel compelled to comment in any meaningful way.  334!  That’s not to mention our biggest day with nearly 900 visitors.  Do you understand that we are developing a following that is slowly turning into a critical mass?  This is progress, people.  We are making amazing progress.  The FBI?  Wow.  Pretty remarkable.  KGO?  People are taking notice.  Meanwhile, the longer we sit on our hands, keep our lips sealed, or pray to some higher power to resolve this matter on our behalf, the longer we’ll wait for some sort of resolution.  Continue reading

KGO Story

Per the blog and the message board:


I’m an investigative producer for KGO-TV working on a story about RE Loans and Mortgage Fund ’08. I need former investors willing to do an on-camera interview. Call me at 415-954-7572.


Steve Fyffe

Please call Steve if you’re willing to tell your story.

New Message Board

Many participants in this blog have asked for a message board.  Well, after a fair amount of research we have found one that a) fits our budget and b) offers the functionality that we need.  You can find it here:

Please go forth in peace or protest and use it to your liking.  There will be very little moderation, but if things get out of control we will not be afraid to shut it down.  Be smart, people.  Please.

Did RE Loans “Park” Money?

It has come to our attention that RE Loans may have allowed some of its investors the ability and/or option to “park” money in the fund.  “Parking” is a term used to describe money that is deposited into a fund, but not necessarily invested in the fund.  Rumor has it that R.E. Loans offered a parking service for some of its preferred investors who wished to place their money somewhere on a temporary basis.  The interest earned may or may not be reported to the IRS, some have speculated.

For example, it seems possible that the $5,000,000 returned to J. Robert (“Eddie”)  Orton, III, on March 30, 2007, just a day or two before the “freeze” letter was mailed to investors, was money that had been “parked.”  Same with Len “Austin Val Verde” Epstein’s return, perhaps? Continue reading

The FBI (updated again)

This was posted by “Dave” earlier:

F.Y.I. Apparently many Bar-K investors have contacted the Contra Costa Co. District Atty.’s Office to investigate any wrong doings with reloans. Upon the D.A.’s investigation they have turned the matter over to the F.B.I. The F.B.I. agents name handling the case is Christina Boules ( victim coordinator ). 415-553-7400

Please see comments below from “monagesque” for the most up-to-date information.

A Fun Exercise

The Bar-K website has a Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) section.  Though the link says it will be updated frequently, it seems as though it has never been updated at all.  We should take it upon ourselves to pose some questions.  Whaddya say?

Continue reading

What’s On The Horizon (a positive posting)

While the future of RE Loans/Mortgage Fund ’08/RE Reno appears bleak, not all is lost.  There are some good things happening in our little world.

Continue reading

King Pin Barney Ng

King Pin, LLC was another one of Barney’s entities.  Does anyone remember the purpose of King Pin or did we happen to invest in seventh deeds of trust on bowling alleys in the High Desert, CA?

Tumwater Water Documents

If you like documents, you’ll love this posting.

We don’t want to sensationalize this posting, however.  Some documents are informative, many are not.  It has taken many months to cobble together these documents.  All-in-all, there are too many people to thank for assembling this information, but you know who you are and hopefully that’s thanks enough.

File management proved to be a severe challenge, so consider this more of a document dump than an orderly, numerical library.  Feel free to save the documents in a file on your computer and peruse them at your own speed.  Use this posting to discuss your findings and perhaps this will lead us all back to our inner “Researcher” by potentially helping us figure out who got the water money and why (and then where it went!).

Continue reading

Weissenborn Lives!

Thanks to bluemoonagency for the heads-up.  After eight days of silence, Team Weissenborn finally found the time to give the peons an update.  Why is the update dated December 6th, yet posted two days later?  Bigger questions exist, however.  While Weissenborn’s memo is short, it says a lot and leaves us pondering the following:

  1. How much existing debt remains outstanding?
  2. What is the existing interest rate?
  3. New advances?  For what?  Please explain.
  4. New advances “accrue interest at a 4% higher rate”.  Higher than what?  The existing interest rate?
  5. We are being conditioned to accept the fact that Weissenborn and his cronies will take out a new loan in an effort to pay off the WFF LOC, again subordinating noteholders to junior status.  We know what a new line of credit means.  It means our money is gone and Weissenborn, Lend, Inc. and all the others eating and drinking from the Bar-K trough are getting fat and happy at our expense, laughing all the way to the (offshore) bank.

Anyway, mark your calendars for February 28, 2011!

Weissenborn Update

Open Forum on Large Loans

We have discussed many of the loans in the “portfolio”, but here are a few of the largest loans that we haven’t spent enough time dissecting.  If you have any information at all on the loans below, please feel free to share.  Also, please weigh in on which one of these loans you believe we should research next.

Loan No. Name Loan Amount % of Portfolio
R0122 Rancho Las Flores $55,241,524 8%
POO97 LochenHeath (Pinnacle Development) $45,324,121 7%
POO97 Georgetown (Pinnacle Development) $45,324,121 7%
A0111 Adams Canyon $40,026,027 6%
A0106 Aquaterra $38,500,000 6%
V0146-A Vantage Lofts $37,510,943 5%
H0118 Harmony Holdings $35,066,598 5%
L0366 Lakeview Homes $26,901,250 4%
C0406 Zohouri (2 properties) $25,836,768 4%
TO464 2718 Santa Rosa, LLC 1 $23,500,000 3%
T0466 2718 Santa Rosa, LLC 2 $23,439,240 3%
B0955 Bravo Marshall $22,443,032 3%
M0178 Moses Point $18,499,087 3%
W0435 Weyrich (3 properties) $16,548,743 2%

Happy Thanksgiving

May you and your family and friends have a great day.  The Robies are going to spend a day focused on what we have, rather than what we don’t have.

Siena Sells for $3.9M

The following was just posted on another thread by the mysterious yet renowned bloggers behind

“I was there at the auction. Here are my quick thoughts:

Siena Hotel Spa Casino was sold at an auction at US Bankruptcy court for $3.9M. This figure is “free and clear”, and the court will determine the distribution of the proceeds at a later date. The court did authorize that the outstanding liens for property tax, sewer fees, gaming fees, and RSCVA be paid from the proceeds immediately to allow the transaction to close within 48 hours. This will leave about $3.5M to be split among the creditors. It looks like RE Reno LLC who own the $50M will get nothing in the end.

There were 3 bidders: Northern Nevada Asset Holdings (new owners of Silver Club in Sparks), Stratus West LLC (a division of Stratus Gaming?), and the winning bidder Grand Siena LLC. This entity is controlled by David Colvin from Las Vegas, who is also the principal behind Gaming Arts ( There are reported to be 5 investors total. One, Jay Meilstrup of Reno, is president of”

Lazy K Bar Dude Ranch and Bar-K, Inc. Any connection?

This is part of our ongoing effort to identify and publicize the business ventures and assets of the Ng family, in this case Barney Ng, and what, if any, connection such enterprises may have to their many failed investment funds; our money.

Subject: Lazy K Bar Dude Ranch –

Coincidence #1.  Lazy K Bar and Bar-K .

Coincidence #2.  An RE Loans investor recently contacted the owner of the Lazy K Bar Dude Ranch and asked whether the information found at  is correct.  Is/was Barney Ng involved in the Lazy K Bar Dude Ranch.

Coincidence #3.  The owner, a prominent and very well to do travel agency owner in Tuscon, AZ advised that he  ‘knows of”  Barney Ng because of investments in one of the REL properties in Colorado (another failed Barney Ng project in bankruptcy) but that Ng is not and has not been involved with the dude ranch.

The coincidences here are perhaps too many, and a dude ranch is just the kind of  ‘hobby’ that Barney Ng would be interested in.

We don’t want to further press the owner of the dude ranch but we do want to verify, as much as possible, his statement that Barney Ng has nothing to do with the Lazy K Bar Dude Ranch.

If any of you have additional, verifiable information or leads re. Ng family involvement in the Lazy K Bar Dude Ranch in Tuscon, AZ,  please make it/them known here.

(There is another Lazy K Bar business in Montana but any association with the Ngs has already been ruled out.)

Topic Suggestions / All Items Discussed

In order to broaden our horizons and to explore areas of concern you may have that have not yet been discussed/addressed, please use this thread to suggest and comment on any issues you believe we should be looking into.

We’ll use your suggestions to begin new topics and move your specific comment to the appropriate one.

Please provide as much information re. the issue as you can and links to supporting documentation serve only to build a better foundation for our position.  Please provide them if you can.

Topics of discussion/investigation are limited only by the subject matter of this blog, Ng family loans, investment funds, and related entities.

We’re waiting.


Thank You For Your Patience

Our transition to this new website has not been a seamless as we had intended.  If you have experienced difficulties posting comments, that has been fixed.  If you read this blog by tracking the Latest Comments section, that function has been activated.  The important thing is to document and discuss the antics of Bar-K, RE Loans, RE Reno, Mortgage Fund ’08 and all the other pseudo-entities created by Walter, Bruce, Barney & Kelly.  We want our investments back, and that is what this blog is trying to provide a forum to achieve.

So what do you like or dislike with the current configuration?  How can we better serve you on our shared mission?  What can we do to make your “user experience” easier and more valuable to you,  the investors, who have lost millions in hard earned savings to the Ngs?

CA Election Results May Not Bode Well for Bar-K Investors

Jerry Brown, former CA Governor, former Oakland Mayor, current CA Attorney General, and now about to once again become CA Governor, and Oakland movers and shakers Phil Tagami and Len Epstein;

“He (Tagami) is one of Brown’s closest confidants, and though he won’t admit it, one of the most influential players in downtown Oakland. “

Jerry Brown’s wedding was held in the Oakland Rotunda.  (reference the newspaper article, above.)

His latest election night party was hosted in the recently renovated Fox Theater in Oakland.  (reference again the newspaper article, above.)

Tagami and his mentor/business partner Len Epstein, both fast friends of the Ngs, are/were very large investors in RE Loans and ‘may’ have received greatly preferential treatment when they were ‘given’ the Austin Val Verde loan/property (as was previously reported here and for which there are public documents, one of which is available here:

Reportedly, at least two requests were made of Attorney General Brown last year by RE Loans, LLC investors to investigate Bar-K, RE Loans, the Ngs, et al.  On both occasions AG Brown’s office declined to do more than give the requests even minor consideration.

Hopefully the next AG will be willing to conduct an investigation into the almost one billion dollar fiasco that is commonly referred to as Bar-K.