Who is Frank Largusa?

In the recent comments section, you’ll find a comment by Just Do It pasting a letter in support of Kelly by a guy named Frank Largusa.  Who is Mr. Largusa?

Well, he’s the President of a company named Semano in Hayward:

Semano Inc. was incorporated in May of 1993 and was primarily formed to serve the demanding needs of the semoconductor industry relating to technical anodizing.  The forming partners have over 30 years of collective experience in the anodizing processing and business relating to the semiconductor industry.

Semano Inc. has designed a facility that includes a dedicated line for anodizing, selective nickel plating and chemical cleaning components, gas distribution plates, and etch.

What’s his deal?

Maybe he’s a friend of Kelly’s.  Maybe Semano has some REL/B-4 money…who knows.  Why he’d want to associate with a criminal like Kelly is beyond our understanding.  But since he’s not with us, he’s against us.  Consider emailing or calling Bengie Barretto to request a meeting with Frank.

Semano Inc. 

31757 Knapp St.
Hayward, CA. 94544
Phone: 510-489-2360      Fax: 510-489-4247 

Name                                      Title                                                         Email 

Frank Largusa             President                           flargusa@semanoinc.com

Hans Sellge                VP/Engineering                     hsellge@semanoinc.com

Jose Dacorro               Production Mgr                     jdacorro@semanoinc.com

Harrison Pham            Q.A. Manager                      hpham@semanoinc.com

Bengie Barretto           Scheduling                         bbarretto@semanoinc.com

Maggie Jimenez          Shipping/Receiving                mjimenez@semanoinc.com

Kelly Ng’s New Business Partner

William H. (Bill) Bachrach has joined forces with volleyball coach extraordinaire Kelly Ng.  Their new business, called Lend, Inc. was brought to our attention by new poster Lu.  Thank you, Lu.  Whether Bachrach is involved or simply just Kelly’s legal agent, it’s still a newsworthy development. 

Bachrach’s firm provides legal services “including Estate Planning and Probate, Domestic Relations including dissolution of marriage and child custody, as well Business Matters and Civil Litigation.”

Question for the blog readers:  Should investors in the Bar-K family of funds be concerned about this new development or thrilled?  Please share your opinions.