Andy Armanino – Man of the Month

Bishop O’Dowd High School should be ashamed.  So should Andy Armanino.  His firm just copped to its role in fleecing investors out of nearly $1 billion in retirement funds.  But anyway…Armanino is Bishop O’Dowd’s November Alum of the Month!

Congrats Andy!

We’re awfully proud of you and what you’ve accomplished.

Says Andy:

“We look at our key systems and ask ourselves if we were starting from scratch today would we do things differently,” Andy said. “If the answer is yes, we better have a pretty good reason for not changing.”

Did he ask that question when all of our hard-earned money was being “ponzied” down the toilet?

And it’s interesting that Armanino McKenna changed it’s name to Armanino recently.  Why?  Well, likely because of the scrutiny it was receiving from lawyers, judges, press, senior citizens, the DOJ, the FBI and God knows who else.  They should have gone with a far more common last name.

Once again, we get screwed and those in charge of the wrongdoing get celebrated. Again, thanks to Bishop O’Dowd High School for recognizing what a great human being Armanino really is….

3 thoughts on “Andy Armanino – Man of the Month

  1. So, as an O’Dowd alumna, I contacted them regarding the honor bestowed on Armanino. I received a call today with a sincere apologize and an explanation. An alum who is featured is usually recommended by someone. Staff takes the recommendations and prior to featuring the alum, does a Google search to see what comes up. They said nothing came up about the lawsuit. In fairness to them, I googled his name and unless I entered something with it that was tied to the lawsuit, all that came up, at least on the pages I looked at, shared nothing about his involvement in RELoans debacle. So, unless that had some prior knowledge about his involvement in this issue, I am not sure how they would have known. I am still not happy about it, but at least feel there was an attempt made to apologize. Also, they put the information in my profile and his for future reference. Too bad I have to see it again when the print edition comes out as it is already at the printer.

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