Coco Times Weighs In

Dear Media,

With the exception of Dan Noyes, where have you been and what took you so long?  This is a big story and deserves your attention.


The Robie Family


16 thoughts on “Coco Times Weighs In

  1. I am grateful whenever anyone focuses on this debacle.

    Do we have an update re: progress against Wells and Greenberg?
    Do we have any idea if we’ll receive anything back, especially with the real estate market improving and hopeful standing in lawsuits?
    Is anyone following up with DOJ and SEC, even with our state legislators, to see what they can do there?


  2. I guess there are laws and then there are laws and I guess we are not high profile enough to cause the results the Bernie Madoff case produced. It is even more of an insult that for several years I paid taxes on what Ng transferred on paper from the IRA I inherited even though I never received the actual mandatory payments. I paid annual fees for several years to the company handling the IRAs, even though there was no money to handle. Then, on one of my accounts, the settlement payout was so little it was hardly worth the bother. Where is the justice?

    • Does anyone now have personal contacts with legislators, attorneys general, SEC,
      to finally forward an article that explains what occurred?

      How about contacts with the NYT, WSJ, London Times, etc?
      Publicity means attention, and perhaps the relevant government agencies will feel the pressure to take action?

  3. “Finally astory(sic) that tells all. ”
    It’s a decent (and appreciated) report, but it certainly doesn’t tell all.
    Check the comments to the story to expand your knowledge base and please post your own comment if you have something to add to it.
    Now, if the media could report something like this,
    about about Bar-K, RE Loans, MF ’08, etc. that would be even better.

  4. I emailed Karina Ioffee and she kindly responded:
    Hello. Thank you for your note. It is indeed tragic about what has happened and about how little has been done to prosecute those responsible. I intend to keep on digging into this story.

    Karina Ioffee
    Bay Area News Group

    Check us out on Facebook:
    Oakland Tribune
    Contra Costa Times
    San Jose Mercury News

    • Thank you so much , so nice to see we finally got in the newspaper , I did call the daily review couple of times & got no where,I could not belive it was in the paper Sun. ….Thank you ( ,we lost $400,00& it hurts badly) thank you Bernie

  5. I know, it’s been terrible. My husband and I lost $1.5 million our entire life savings, pension etc. It’s outrageous to us how little media coverage we’ve received on this.

    We must not give us hope. Take care.

    • As I’ve asked before, now that the story is outlined more clearly, does anyone have contacts with their congress person, legislatures, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, television news? We can all continue to be miserable about this, with our lives upside down; however, I think it’s more productive to start networking now that we have her story (and the clarification that followed it), to send to the media. BTW, I’ve lost millions, and my home.

  6. Yes, We also contacted Diane Feinstein too, even though we live in LA. Contacting Karina may help other media take notice, did you share your story with her? We have tried to contact other media outlets and apparently no interest…this may be the beginning of other media outlets to take notice of our tragic plight.

    • Media is so important. Oftentimes attention to an issue starts at the grassroots level, where the groundswell captures attention. To that point, I have a few ideas below. I think they would also help our attorneys in their suits against Greenberg T and Wells.

      I think our mutual objective here is to think of creative means to create awareness of the situation. The greater the awareness, hopefully the greater the pressure on the government to take steps.

      So anyone with an idea….please participate. Here are a few thoughts:

      Perhaps :
      1. an online petition ( or the like) that will hopefully go viral, if we ask friends, family and our networks to sign and forward. If worded correctly, simply, so it doesn’t take too much time for people to read. If someone will compile it, I offer to review. In fact, the recent article from Karina, with the amendments as noted subsequently by someone else, might do it. We would just need a succinct powerful “call to action: headline and I’m willing to help with that.
      At some point it’s forwarded to our legislatures, the SEC and yes, other media.
      2. youtubes: those go viral easily. Interviews of what occurred and who lost what (being as specific as anyone cares to be)…..or just an synopsis.

      Any other ideas? Does anyone know how to set up the petition and send us the link to start sending?

      I’m also willing to be part of a small committee to meet and draft this.


    • SEC’s pay day is also here. Investors get nothing. DOJ slept on their responsibility. This is what should be driven to the agenda at the state and federal level until it gains attention.

      • And who has the contacts to do that? Again, media or political. If I did, I would. I already suggested a petition, perhaps one that would ask for an investigation of the agencies relative to this situation and how it was handled. I’ve not heard back and that is the only peer pressure with
        major magnitude that I could think of.

  7. John Robie,
    Please start a new topic regarding the SEC settlement per the information supplied by ‘equitatus’, above.
    It’s important for everyone to see how the legal system has let us down once again.

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