Ng’s Didn’t Want Us To Talk

Didn’t have time to post this earlier today.  In a move that surprised absolutely nobody, Walter & Kelly’s attorneys filed this document in an attempt to gag us lowly investors.

Heaven forbid someone actually told the court the truth about these slimeballs  😉

Here’s a link to the filing:

Defendant Walter Ng’s And Kelly Ng’s Statement Regarding Investor Testimony

9 thoughts on “Ng’s Didn’t Want Us To Talk

  1. This whole thing stinks to high heavens. Nobody is going to be held accountable for defrauding and stealing millions from investors? No restitution? And no punishment? By all means, this is a cut and dry case. How did they get away with it?!

    • There seems to be two tracks here. One the court case and whatever punishment, if any, comes out of it. The second, which is very important is,
      what are we receiving back from our investments and who else is being sued who should be held accountable…with pockets deep enough to pay it?
      Does anyone know?

  2. Dan Noyes’ “I Team” news coverage from tonight’s 6 and 11 pm broadcasts is available online. Google I-Team for the link.

  3. The U.S.Attorney Bessette blew it for us. The charge that she brought against the Ngs was total b.s.. Mountains of evidence of fraud, theft, neglecting fiduciary responsibilities, Ponzi, etc. was entirely avoided and neglected? WHY?
    What was the real reason behind U.S.Attorney Bessette’s decision? She seemed to be on the Ng’s side, was this politically motivated?
    The Judge Hamilton appeared surprised by the content of the letters written to her by investors. She was surprised by our allegations. It was as though she never had heard of them before our letters. She only knew what Bessette told her about Failure to Report Deposits. The Judge had the opportunity to postpone the sentencing in light of the six letters that she received, but she did not.
    What is going on here? We investors certainly know what the Ngs and Horowitz did to us!

    PEOPLE WE CAN NOT ROLL OVER ON THIS! Only a few investors have done all the work of writing letters, emails, phone calls, etc.. It is time for all everyone to step up to the plate and do your part. There is strength in numbers, and each and every email, phone call, letter counts. This was evident in the six letters the Judge received, had she received many more letters it possibly could have changed things..
    What can we do?

    MOST IMPORTANT: File a complaint with the Dept of Justice Office of Professional Responsiblity

    Write a letter to the judge expressing your disgust, copy Haag and Bessette, the U.S.Attorneys
    Judge Phyllis Hamilton
    1301 clay St.
    Oakland, CA
    U.S.Attorney Maureen Bessette
    U.S.Attoerney Melinda Haag.

    MF08 investors can contact Erin Schneider of the SEC to relate your compelling story 415-705-8112

    Speak out and be heard, if we do nothing we will achieve zero results.

    • Everyone, this is our last chance. I wrote one of the 6 letters and cannot believe that more people didn’t do this…I’ve also spoken to the reporter from Wall St. Journal. She is waiting to hear from others to tell their story.

      Nancy, thank you for the information above for the Dept of Justice, address for the judge and also the contact information from Erin Schneider of the SEC. Please everyone, don’t let any more time go by. Now is the time to step up and do something.

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