Important Note

Just Do It posted the following:

According to Judge Hamilton’s clerk our emails will not be read. The only way that a letter will be seen by the judge is if we physically take it to the courthouse and file it. The only way we will be permitted to speak at the sentencing is if the US Attorney permits it and conveys this to the judge.

2 thoughts on “Important Note

  1. I’ve been out of the loop for personal reasons.

    a. do we have any facts on assets remaining or possibility of any financial distribution?
    b. Is Wells being held liable for anything?
    c. Is anyone or other entity being held responsible for this debacle?


  2. Yvette Baird spoke to Maureen Bessette this afternoon and the US attorney’s office will tell the judge that there are investors present at the hearing who would like to speak. Whether or not the Judge will permit anyone to speak is anyone’s guess.

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