Department of Justice Email Update

Thank you to the dozen or so of you who forwarded the email you received from the Department of Justice.  It appears as though the intent of the DOJ email was to correct the phone number they had previously given to investors.

This notification is being sent to correct a typographical error of the phone number listed in the previous notification sent by mail. The correct office phone number is: 888-396-3270.

Looks as though we have a person assigned to our case, Yvette Baird, who is a ”
Victim Witness Specialist.”

Well, we’re victims.  That’s for sure.  Here’s to hoping she’s a specialist.

Here’s the case info:

Case Number 2011R00248  Court Docket Number 13-CR-00650
United States v. Defendants Walter Ng and Kelly Ng


6 thoughts on “Department of Justice Email Update

  1. If we didn’t receive an email, should we contact Yvette Baird to make sure that they know we are “VICTIMS” as well? Not sure we ever received a number from them.

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