“Freedom Lies In Being Bold”

The title is a quote from the author Robert Frost, which is certainly apropos as we’ve just unearthed this “COMPLAINT FOR AIDING AND ABETTING BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY”.

It was filed against Armanino McKenna in the names of three brave investors who have taken on the burden of leading the charge for the greater good of the whole.

Thank you to Theodore Jones, Jeanie Kayser-Jones and (not the author) Robert Frost.

Link to Lawsuit

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2 thoughts on ““Freedom Lies In Being Bold”

  1. “53. Armanino’s false and misleading March 16, 2007 “clean” audit opinion was incorporated with the Exchange Offering circular and materials to continue to keep unwitting investors in the dark in the hope that RE Loans’ Members would approve the Exchange Transaction — which they did.”

    All that was required to “approve” the Exchange Agreement was for a ‘majority’ of ‘those who voted’ vote to accept it. The ‘Managers’ controlled the ‘majority’ vote before a ‘vote’ was ever taken.

    From the time of the mailing of the Exchange Agreement to we Members, until it was ‘approved’ by a ‘majority of those who voted’, was something less than a month.

    The approval of the Exchange Agreement was a foregone conclusion before it was ever written. We had nothing to say about it. Our ‘votes’ meant nothing.

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