RE Loans Investors: Please Contact John Robie Immediately If You Qualify

We are looking for people who fit the following criteria.  If you do, please email immediately.
Specifically, were you:
(1) An RE Loans Investor before March of 2007 and (a) added money to your account after March of 2007 and (b) who checked the REL web site and read the Arminino McKenna audits and (c) relied on those audits to invest more money and (d) to vote for the exchange agreement?


Someone who was a new investor after March of 2007 who (1) relied on the Arminino McKenna audits in investing in REL and
voted for the exchange agreement?

Various agencies and investigators need witness information which meets these criterion.
Time is of the essence.  Please reply immediately to if you think you may fit the bill.

8 thoughts on “RE Loans Investors: Please Contact John Robie Immediately If You Qualify

  1. We “reinvested” all of our dividends each year as accrued interest. Does this count as “adding” money to our account after 2007? I can’t remember offhand when they stopped crediting interest.

  2. Thank you to everyone who has responded to this inquiry. Your information has been given to the proper authorities and they will likely be in touch. Keep it coming!

  3. Does anyone have any update on the FBI, SCE investigation? It’s awfully quiet and I hope there is still hope…

    You may want to file a complaint with the California Board of Accountancy. Often times info like this is not available to the public. Just look at the lack of news coverage on this case. This case is relatively large given the number of people and the dollar amount. What about smaller cases? What I have learned from all this is, the next time I use an audit, I will do my own research on the CPA. Check the firm’s web page to see their qualifications and check their license with their state board. The CPA should somehow suffer a lot consequences then just paying the deductible of the professional liability insurance. By reporting this, it might help others from be defrauded.

  5. I just found this on the CPA firms webpage. This WILL piss you off… One of the audit partners said this:

    I am most proud of having built a thriving Mortgage Pool practice and helping the firm grow to one of the top 40 largest firms in the country. It has created great opportunities for me to speak at related industry conferences, work with top mortgage pools across the country and establish this firm as an industry leader. But the greatest pleasure truly comes from developing staff and building their knowledge and expertise so that we can continue to be the preeminent firm in the country providing accounting and consulting services to the mortgage pool industry
    I am also proud of the work I do in the non-profit and private education sector that offers personal balance and great satisfaction.

  6. is anyone taking a tax loss as a “Theft,Ponzi, fraud” and what documents/proof are you supporting it with. Your urgent reply is appreciated

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