"Your Caption Here"

“Your Caption Here”


11 thoughts on “CAPTION THIS!

  1. It means to provide a photo caption if you are feeling creative. Something like, “No amount of performance enhancing drugs will allow Walter to escape the peleton like Lance Armstrong”.

  2. Oh Oprah, these are just two of my thousands of puppets. There is a cast of thousands…i’m so good Oprah…and proud too, my natural born con (whoops) mean son on the lelf is now doing business in China! A good puppet master can keep the cash flowing for the lifestyle we all still enjoy…i mean me and my sons & adopted son on the right…not the cast of thousands…they are the faceless, hidden puppets I used to become a premier puppet master. Oprah, want to play golf. I have a cart, lots of golf clubs…I’m special.

  3. Well, Oprah, of course we had to lie and cheat; we needed a level playing field with Madoff, Enron and Lehman Brothers. We never even thought about our investors, they were just the pawns that supported our well-deserved life at the top.

  4. Oprah, sure we lied. And, yes we paid friends off, threw devoted investors under the bus, lost over $750M and ruined the retirement years of many innocent people. But, as you can see. . .we’re still smiling!

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