Soliciting Comment/Input

By now everyone has likely received the September 28, 2012 letter from the REL Liquidating Trustee, Dennis Faulkner.

What are your thoughts about what you read?

Did anyone think there was a lot missing/unsaid?



6 thoughts on “Soliciting Comment/Input

  1. I would like to know the ramifications of moving an account out of an IRA into a non-IRA account. One of the few things we can actually do according to the letter.

    Why would one want to do this? What are the positives and negatives?

    What problems might one expect to encounter from his/her IRA administrator (i.e. IRA Services)? (Remember, these folks are still charging us their regular fees even tough we have little left to show in our accounts and have no access to what’s on paper anyway.)

    What would be the tax situation? Would we now become responsible for paying taxes on the $$ transferred and, if so, on which dollar amount; what we invested or what the reported value of our investment is today?

    I know these are questions for a tax professional but I don’t have one and can’t afford to hire one. Besides, I don’t have enough income to have to pay taxes anymore!

    Maybe someone has some knowledgeable answers?

  2. If the moderator or admin wants to starts a new thread (as I don’t know how to do a new posting header as a title, but I would recommend that everyone just put in their two cents (no pun intended) and fire away to file your thoughts, concerns, madness to Mr. Brian Ross, the ABC Investigative reporter, I bet he would have no problems going face-to-face with Walter and his boys and partner in crime, Horowitz.

    Anyways, everyone post up to Brian Ross’s e-mail request, someone mention the suicide that took place due to the Ng’s activities. I’m not an investor nor know of anyone personally, I just happen to catch this website via the TV news.

    Here you go, write to Mr. Ross:

    If you all took the few minutes to read my posting, please take another few minutes to voice yourself to Mr. Ross.

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