Per the Equitatus blog – Barney is mad :-(

Barney has decided to take a piss on some noteholders – again.  If enough wasn’t already enough, he’s trying to take two investors to the woodshed because they tried to do the right thing on behalf of the whole (unlike the Creditor’s Committee).

Here’s a picture of young Barney Joe Ng showing what he’ll do to you if you stand up to him. He was a punk then and he’s a punk now.

I don’t know if anything is going on with the Kelly and Bruce BKs, but there is a status conference in Barney’s case on Tuesday, June 5th (that’s TOMORROW) at 1 p.m in front of Judge Efremsky.  Barney is asking the judge to slam the investors (noteholders) who filed against him, claiming the filing was for “an improper purpose”.  A rhetorical question: What could possibly be “improper” about not owning up to one’s personal guarantees and responsibilities for loans that he and his family made to his business entities to the tune of over $100 million dollars while leaving RE Loans investors broke – many destitute.  It’s laughable, but Barney wants punitive damages for the loss to his reputation, attorneys’ fees and costs against these investors who stuck their neck out for all of us. Is this shocking?  No.  It’s expected, because that’s how these guys play ball.  Hard ball.

The judge has let Barney explore his theory and Barney is running up the attorney fees that he wants to collect from them.

It may seem impossible but has anything about the Ngs seemed fair?  Come and watch how Judge Efremsky treats our fellow investors who tried to take on Barney.  It’s at 1300 Clay Street, Room 201 at 1:00 pm. Get there a little early because you’ll have to go through security.  And while you’re there, the judge is also hearing a motion and having a status conference on the B-4 Partners Involuntary Bankruptcy. It could be a very, very interesting afternoon.

We should stand up for those who stood up for us.  The best way to do it is to show up tomorrow.


17 thoughts on “Per the Equitatus blog – Barney is mad :-(

  1. for those of us who do not live in the bay area…would it be possible to get an audio copy of the hearing?

    • The court records the proceedings. The audio transcript is usually available within one week to a month for Oakland Bankruptcy Court. The Texas proceedings are taking 90 days to post. I will continue to post important audio recordings on my blog.

  2. “Barney wants punitive damages for the loss to his reputation”

    Priceless! You just can’t make this stuff up. Is Barney suggesting that this filing somehow killed off his future business career?

  3. WHERE’S MR DAN NOYES? I hope you guys can quickly get ALL the news media to attend this meeting!

    Seriously…..this entire fiasco needs to be put on the airwaves! Anyone make contact with the filmmakers, if nothing else, get someone to video tape this wonderful event! There’s absolutely very little time left to get the news media informed!

    Start with everyone CALLING and leave a message if you have too, flood their message center!

    Keep the pressure up so that one day it’s going to be a combo of prison time and loss of the personal assets….pressure, pressure, pressure!

    • I agree that people should contact Dan Noyes, and in general, a whole list of other media in the list here:

      But you can’t take a video camera into the courtroom. That’s why Noyes’ reports are always outside.

      What are the chances Barney will even show up? He may send his lawyers, although since the court’s schedule calls it, “Matter: Telephone Status Conference re: Status of Involuntary and Discovery Dispute,” the whole thing might take place on the phone?

  4. This is way too much bullshit to process . Can someone just tell the court to serve some justice and put these CROOKS IN JAIL !

  5. Hey, Horwitz sued Barney for one million dollars to recover a personal loan to Barney for the Siena.

    Barney fired back with a ONE HUNDRED million dollar suit against Horwitz for defamation of character.

    Go figure.

    • So I guess Barney has plenty of cash around to pay his legal fees. Good to know. I’m sure the FBI, SEC, IRS, and a few attorneys in assorted actions are taking notes.

    • Barney is a piece of manure like everyone in his family. . Barney looks like something out fo the RED GUARD of Mao’s army…yes, like a total spoiled punk. Suing the injured party, what a scam and disgrace. Our judicial system is totally out of kilter. Someone should nail Barney’s, Walter, Kelly’s & Bruce’s balls to a tree. I despise them.

      About tomorrow, please answer: Will Barney actually be present in Court?
      Will his attorney actually be present in Court?

      or: Will this be a telephone type of conference. I am coming from out of town and I want the criminal and his attorney to be present.

      • Unless absolutely everybody on both sides and all of their attorneys are phoning in, there may still be some interesting and informative appearances, and people you might like to talk to afterwards. (I’m speculating, I don’t have insider info on who is showing up.) At a minimum, I think it would be very interesting to hear the judge’s tone and questions. Who can forget last year in the courtroom when the same judge asked Walter, “Where is Barney Ng?” and Walter took the 5th?

        Unless required by the judge to show up in person, which seems unlikely unless an attorney here pipes in otherwise, I think Barney is too chicken to show up and risk running into Dan Noyes, or a room full of angry investors. But that’s just my best guess, and there could be other factors that compel him to appear.

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