Welcome to Camp Kelly!

Guest blog by Batman:

We can safely report to the investors, many of which have had their lives turned upside down thanks to the gaNg of thieves from 201 Lafayette Circle, that Kelly Ng and his family are doing just fine. Even under the eyes of FBI, SEC and Dept. of Labor investigations, personal (involuntary) and multiple business bankruptcies, revoked real estate licenses, settled molestation charges and termination as club volleyball coach, Kelly and his family’s “high on the hog” lifestyle has never looked better.

Video surveillance and our crackerjack private investigator have revealed the following to the blog:

The luxury cars of choice for Kelly and his family are still the big 3 – BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac. The gardeners are doing a great job on the landscape at Kelly’s palatial estate (5bd, 4.5ba, 6,441 sq. ft., 1.04 acre). The spring flowers have been planted, palm trees trimmed and tennis court looks simply marvelous. The housekeepers continue to make their regular visits. While the college funds you put into the “safe, secure and liquid” investments of RE Loans/Fund 08/RE Reno for your children and grandchildren are long gone, Kelly’s kids are not feeling the pinch at all. Kelly’s son Brandt, helped the Pepperdine Men’s Volleyball team to a mediocre 8-8 season and should finish his studies later this year or early next year. Kelly’s daughter Ayrika, after a year of studying in France, is back in the Bay Area serving up aces at the University of California at Berkeley. One thing is for sure, Walter has taught his craft of lies, stealing and deception to Kelly well. Bankruptcy is a walk in the park, the lawyers will take care of everything, take “The Fifth” and your life won’t change a bit. Stay tuned for next month, when we will be doing an exposé of the Horwitz family (Bruce, Jackie and Joel), complete with pictures of their new cars, current lifestyle upgrades and recent purchases. Then, we will follow up with Walter & Maribel with pictures from the Rossmoor golf course and dining at Walnut Creek’s finest eateries. The Lexus and Corvette have been auctioned. So, what are they driving today? Heres a hint: it’s American made car and a lot more expensive than a Chevrolet Volt.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Camp Kelly!

  1. The Lexus and Corvette have been auctioned. So, what are they driving today? Heres a hint: it’s American made car and a lot more expensive than a Chevrolet Volt.

    Is it a Tesla? They are all still living in luxury. Does Barney still have his airplane? Bastards.

    Thank you for exposing this family of filth…my fantasy of what I hope happens to all of them, every one of them, including grandchilden would surprise the mind of Steven King . I despise them with a depth unimaginable…and i am not alone.


  2. Nice picture! Hopefully they will post pictures from the surveillance cameras inside Kelly’s house. I don’t think Walter’s new car is a Tesla.

  3. Please join me in a moment of silence for WalterNgInvestors’ top-20
    investor Michael Hossack who died yesterday at his home in Du Bois

    • I can only imagine the people (investors) who have passed on since this all began and the amounts of money they will never see or enjoy during their golden years. My mother passed away January of this year, and while not being on Walters top-20 list, was an investor who certainly could have used her investment money during her failing years. I’m sure there are quite a few investors who have passed on and have been rewarded with something the Ng’s can never touch and may never know. To all the investors who have left us, may they rest in peace.

    • Very sad news. It amazes me how the investors are the only ones that care about each other. There seems to be no remorse or sense of responsibility from the parties that created this mess and devastation.

    • The most expensive meals us suckers ever paid for and the entertainment portion/con job of Walter in his cowboy boots calling Brucie Horowitz his Jewish son and convincing us herd animals of how safe our investments were with them. One time either Kelly’s or Barney’s wife was seated at our table. She was a miserable woman and clearly felt she was slumming it with the peasant source of her luxury lifestyle…should have packed up my money the next day and moved on…trust your instincts…had more than one bad feeling about these crooks.

  4. Everyone calls Kelly’s wife Jenny “Kwik Way Jenny” behind her back because she used to work at the old Kwik Ways and ;)… for other reasons!

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