Farella Braun + Martel and Patricia Joanne Hernandez Fees & Costs

Regarding Walter J. Ng and Maribel Ng’s Chapter 7 case:

Farella Braun + Martel
Attorneys for Debtors
The time period is 05/12/11 – 11/4/11
(a footnote mentions another $12,750 FBM is seeking that would bring the total to $275k)

Patricia Joanne Hernandez
Accountant for the Debtors
The time period is 07/7/11 – 12/1/11


8 thoughts on “Farella Braun + Martel and Patricia Joanne Hernandez Fees & Costs

  1. I think that you guys are entitled to ask and question these invoices. Billable hour? A set fee or just allowed to run free with expenses and charges? Any signs of “padding” aka vacation time in HI or the Bahamas or ??

    Is the accountant an independent person totally unrelated to anyone handling anything having the most remote of contacts or influence? There are folks who can be swayed by $$$ in front of their eyes or bank accounts.

    Unless this accountant works with the investors or the various investigative agencies on the investor’s side, I don’t trust anyone representing the debtors, sorry, it’s just me.

  2. On Feb 15, 2012, at 2:51 PM, Carol Langer wrote:

    Fred Hjelmeset
    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

    The information I emailed you about my cousin, in December, was mis-understood by me and I wish to correct it.
    “Finally, shortly following our joining Bar-K, they fired my cousin who worked for the Ng’s 20+ years in their Escrow department. I didn’t realize she worked for Bar-K, until we went to the office in Lafayette and I saw her there. I identified her as my cousin to Walter and shortly thereafter she was fired”.

    Jeanne Wampler, my cousin, gave her notice and left Bar-K on good terms with the Ngs. She was not fired as I stated and I would like to apologize to Jeanne for any embarrassment I may have caused her and her family.

    Im also sorry it has taken so long to correct, Iv’e been recovering from surgery and had been unable locate my December communication.

    Carol Langer

  3. If the court agrees with the trustee and rejects the Ng’s bankruptcy for fraud and false statements, then why would the creditor’s be on the hook for their jacked-up bogus legal bills?? If they commit fraud and try to game the system, these bills should be Walter and Maribel Ng’s responsibility, not ours.

    They chose the most expensive lawyer they could find, then proceeded to lie on their forms, lie in their sworn testimony and mock the system. Walter Ng dragged the whole thing out an extra 6 months using the chapter 11 charade without making any attempt at a payment plan so he could keep collecting his income from our investments, and run up more legal bills. Let Kaplan fight it out with them for the bill, not us. Same for the accountant. The Ng’s made that mess, they should pay for it.

  4. I attended most of the hearings in downtown Oakland and listened to the audio for the one I missed. In terms of speaking, Gary Kaplan’s performances in the courtroom were a close second to the French mime Marcel Marceau. By my estimation(and someone please correct me if I am wrong), I have Gary’s total spoken word count at the hearings pegged at 376. If you use the $275K figure, that would be $731.38 per word. Also, I am curious if FBM’s fees include Walter & Maribel’s security detail (bodyguards) and transportation (black, SUV) or if Kelly paid for it from the RE Loans check register he’s holding.

  5. Courtroom Hearing MINUTES (Text only) for proceedings held before Judge Roger L. Efremsky on 3/7/2012. [496] Application for Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses as Counsel for Debtors and Request for Allowance of Administrative Expense for Gary Kaplan, Fee: $243,969.00 and Expenses: $5,193.85 – GRANTED. [497] Application for Compensation for Patricia J. Hernandez, Accountant, Fees: $13,725.00 – GRANTED. Appearance(s): Gary Kaplan, Tracy Green and Robert Brower present. (man)

    Robert Brower, what happened?

    Do we care who picks the bones?

    What a shame that Kaplan, such a nervous louse got paid every
    penny he “billed” .

    The only constalation is that it came from Walter.

    But then again who did Walter make his money off of?


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