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I found this to be a fascinating read and believe the U.S Trustee did a smashup job of recounting Walter’s various missteps and lies.  Please spend a few minutes reading this:

Trustee vs Walter Ng


5 thoughts on “Read This

  1. Take a look at paragraph 52. 4010 Canyon Properties LLC purchased Walter Ng’s home. It was said to be a NV LLC whose members were the Fairbairn family of Orinda. This paragraph in the UST’s filing seems to suggest Walter Ng was a member of the LLC. Correct?

  2. All sorts of possible fraudulent real estate transfers if you ask me. I think in the end, it’s not legal and can be untangled and hopefully, taken away from Wally and let him sleep in a rented trailer.

    But you got to check all this up front and quickly and follow the paper trail so that he nor others can get away with this shell game.

    I would think that the Fairbairn and many others in cahoots with the Ng’s are all possible suspects and could also face their time in front of a judge, FBI and the IRS and maybe a prison guard.

    I recall earlier that the Fairbairn’s have had their run-ins with the SEC as well.

  3. If the judge agrees that Walter and Maribel Ng have been dishonest and they lose bankruptcy status, wouldn’t that mean that they were on the hook to pay Gary Kaplan’s legal bills, and not the creditors?? (That would be over $250,000 more for the creditors.)

    Does anyone know how long before the judge makes a decision on the trustee’s complaint?

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