Walter Ng Bankruptcy Status Conference Tuesday Afternoon

Honorable Roger L. Efremsky
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
1300 Clay St. Room 201
Oakland Room 201 Oakland, CA 94612

1:30 pm Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 18 complaints have been combined to be dealt with at once.  For specific details on the plaintiffs, case numbers, who has which attorney, etc.  Some people filed without an attorney.


16 thoughts on “Walter Ng Bankruptcy Status Conference Tuesday Afternoon

  1. Does anyone recall back at an earlier status conference, when Walter was still wasting everyone’s time with a chapter 11, where his attorney said that his firm was only hired for the bankruptcy, didn’t Kaplan say that they were not handling the complaints to dischargability? I thought that was a factor in why he didn’t respond to any of them, so they all went to default.

    With the funds he claims to have, he probably can’t afford too many more $600 an hour attorneys, so I wonder who will be sitting at the table with him tomorrow. His criminal attorney? Seems a waste to spend so much money for an attorney to show up if you aren’t going to answer any questions. Without his legal team, will Kelly be driving him to court?? If that’s the case, I hope Dan Noyes shows up with a camera crew!

    • Assuming he continues to have counsel present and live a good life, and schedules no assets / sources of funds, a legitimate question to ask is the source of his living expenses.

      That might start the string that the forensic investigator needs…

  2. Thank you for sending.
    I would very much appreciate the following questions answered as I’m confused about this.
    1. Are all people on the list who filed? Frankly, I don’t find myself there and I did send the form in.
    2. How do we know if we’re on a list….anywhere?
    3. Also, since (I believe) there was a class action (wasn’t there?), are all the investors protected similarly, whether we filed separately or not?
    4. Is there any advantage to having filed separately?

    Thanks so much,

    • There is only one missing from this list, compared to the list equitatus posted:
      11-45175 Walter J Ng and Maribel Ng 11-04231 Lee v. Ng et al.

      Here is the original list:

      Perhaps you’re thinking of the claim, which was a form, due right after labor day? This was not a form, people had to write unique claims using pleading paper, or have an attorney file it, and get it in by Aug 5.

      Richard Brown did file a class action for Fredric and Nora Mendes, with Phillip Cantor and Nancy Rapp. It’s the last one on the list, 11-04249 Mendes et al v. Ng

    • I filed a class action aversary complaint on behalf of all REL & MFO8 claimants against Walter Ng.

      He was served with the complaint but not anwser and I took his default. I confirmed those facts
      with him during his examination last week. Mine were some of the only questions his criminal lawyer
      let him anwser.

      The clerk entered a notice of default against Walter on my class action complaint.

      I had also asked the clerk to enter a declaratory judgement against Walter.
      The judgement was never entered.

      I intend renew that request with the Judge asking him to enter a declaratory judgement against Walter, declaring that the class claims in the adversary complaint are non dischargeable in the chapter 7, thereby
      allowing me to persue them in Alameda Superior Court on behalf of the class.

      • thanks to all of you who held in there with your adversary complaints and kept the pressure on Walter.

        Finally the US trustee filed a complaint requesting that Walter be denied a discharge. The judge granted a default against Walter denying Walter discharge in bankruptcy.

        In other words Walter gave the court control over all his assets and will not allow a discharge of any of his debts. He will be left with a wopping big bill in the end.

        The court entered a Order of Abstention in each of the adversary complaints including the class action complaint.

        We win, you can now go sue him when the case is closed lifting the automatic stay.

        However I think he will be taking the 5th Amendment the rest of his life.

        Equitatus was nice enough to post this comment and the Order on his blog.

  3. Dear fellow NG financial RAPE victims: Are we having a joyous holiday season. Did you get your mail today with yet another MEETING OF CREDITORS from THE TEXAS filing of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the matter of R.E. LOANS including PROOF OF CLAIM that must be received by February 6, 2012? We filed Proof of Claims in both our abuser’s 7 & 11…but presume we must file for RE:LOANS, LLC. bankruptcy? I feel filled with rage…my head is going to explode.

    • On December 9, 2011, the Judge in the R.E. Loans Texas
      bankruptcy entered an Order that all investors’ claims are
      “deemed filed.”

      This Order, “deemed filed,” means that if you agree with the
      amount stated on doc. 291 for your investment, you do nothing.
      If you do not agree with that amount, then file a claim.

      Doc. 291 is posted on the R.E. Loans website, but perhaps
      someone could post it here and on the Equitatus blog.

      • Here is the Order in case anyone doubts my previous

        Therefore, it is hereby ORDERED that:


        4. all Noteholder claims, listed on the Debtors’ Amended
        Schedules [Docket No. 291], as “undisputed” shall be
        “deemed filed” pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 1111(a); provided
        however, nothing in this Order shall be construed as allowing
        any Noteholder claim or as a waiver of any rights of any party
        in interest to challenge any Noteholder claim under any
        provision of the Bankruptcy Code or applicable state law.

        For PACER users, this is doc. 321.

  4. Eighteen adversary cases against Walter were on the calendar.

    The Judge helped both investors and lawyers as much as possible through the process of taking Walters default. He provided some hints on how to them prove your damages for a money Judgement. I understand that this is what Robert Brower is thinking of doing.

    Remember this is a two step process, first getting the clerk to enter a notice of default and then
    getting a judgment from the court for money damages or declaratory relief, deeming Walters fraudlent acts as non dischargeable in Chapter 7.

    The Judge suggested that people talk to a bankruptcy lawyer for advise on how to do this.

    I am not a bankruptcy lawyer.

    I am not going to ask for a money judgment here against Walter, only a Declaratory Judgement
    ruling that the six causes of action alleged on behalf of the class against Walter are non discharageable.

    If I get this Judgement then I will then be able to name Walter in Alameda Superior Court Class Action for Fraud.

    • chicago bankruptcy lawyers…”they can make any statement for public but not the correct or right things which should be said….WHO ARE THE THEY?

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