The Hunt for Hidden Treasure

With Walter and Maribel Ng’s personal bankruptcy now in chapter 7, the search for assets is on. If you have any information about art, jewelry, property, or other assets of the Ng family, whether or not they were listed on the bankruptcy schedules, please send that information to:

Attorney Richard Brown, at, and
US Bankruptcy Court trustee Fred Hjelmeset, at

Also interested would be FBI Special Agent Christina Boules at, (415) 553-7400 or (510) 451-9782.

Any little piece of information, no matter how innocuous it might seem, could help unlock the puzzle of where assets have gone to. The FBI can subpoena store or business records, and interview owners for more information, if you can provide them with viable leads.


  • Jewelry Stores the Ng’s were known to shop at, descriptions of jewelry you’ve seen them wearing
  • Property, houses, condo’s etc that they owned–perhaps you were invited on a golf trip or they boasted about some new acquisition
  • Art or antiquities they have talked about or shown you
  • Places they traveled to frequently
  • Banks they may have safety deposit boxes
  • Storage units or warehouses
  • Insurance companies they may have listed individual items of value with on their homeowner policies
  • Other items of value the Ng’s discussed, or that you or, someone you know may have seen
  • Any gifts to friends or family members in recent years, including grandchildren (Potentially illicit transfers of property can be voided.)

If you have photos of the Ng’s, especially wearing expensive items like jewelry, or photos taken in their home that could show art or antiquities, those could be helpful. (If you only have original photos that you don’t want to let go of, and no negatives, digital copies can be scanned so that you can keep your pictures.)

The trustee, Fred Hjelmeset, is only involved in the personal bankruptcy of Walter and Marible Ng.

If you have any information about potentially hidden or transferred assets for other family members, like Barney and Lexi Ng, or Kelly and Jenny Ng, or any of their children, or  Bruce and Jackie Horwitz, attorney Richard Brown and FBI Special Agent Christina Boules would be interested in those leads.


8 thoughts on “The Hunt for Hidden Treasure

  1. I have read an earlier posting recommending that we seek out a forensic accounting firm to search systematically for hidden assets. I think this makes a lot of sense given the amount of money that may have been hidden away. Is anyone interested in pursuing this or does anyone have insights as to whether this is or is not worth pursuing? We were told that a golf partner of Walter heard talk about money being transferred to the Bahamas. We will of course pass this on to the authorities.

    • Equitatus… Since their personal bankruptcy has changed from Chap 11 to 7, do I need to do a new Proof of Claim? I understand the deadline is Feb 6…. Can you advise? Thanks!

  2. Tracy Green and the US Trustee confirmed at Walters examination (hah!) that you need not
    file a new claim, only if you want to amend it, and you should so indicate by writing “amended”
    on the claim form. I am 100% certain that even if you had a million dollars with Walter in REL you will
    get nothing “0” unless you are in the “Walter Ng Investment Fund”.

    • Thanks so much! I realize that it will likely be a big goose egg that we receive, but wanted to be sure that if there ever are any assets discovered, clawed back, etc, that I filed anything that I needed to. Hugs to you, Arlyss

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