The FBI Wants You(r information)

Just a reminder to mail your completed FBI questionnaire to Federal Bureau of Investigation, Attention: SA Christine Hemje, 1850 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 1010, Concord, CA 94520 or email or fax (925) 363-2037. Even if you do not have supporting documentation, this is your chance to tell your story of deception to the authorities. No one else can do this for you.

Document 1: FBI_questionnaire

Document 2:  FBI_questionnaire

2 thoughts on “The FBI Wants You(r information)

  1. I am very encouraged that the FBI is asking for these forms to be filled out and returned. They will get an answer on how investors were promised yet lied to. I know that there is justice and these wrongs will be made right. I am very sad to see that the CRO, Wells Fargo, and the attorneys will be the ones that in the end will reap our hard earned dollars. My life as I knew it is ruined, my retirement gone.

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