Please Comment

Please comment on this document we received in the mail today.  You probably got it too.

Share your thoughts.  Is Weissenborn good or evil?


10 thoughts on “Please Comment

  1. This guy is a moron. Not only is he sucking the life out of the fund but now he has misapplied confidential information to the outside world. And this guy is managing the portfolio. He has carved himself out a nice piece of our invested dollars and has put us at risk with personal information being leaked out. He should be accountable for every penny he has collected and pay back the fund for his costly mistakes. Everytime I open the mail from RELoans and J.W. I cringe at what will be next.

  2. I speak my instincts aloud when I open the mail – including this item: “Smokescreen” I said. Let me also add “window-dressing”.

  3. I find it suspiciously “convenient” that the RE loans website will no longer avail “investors” of their investment portfolios just when we all should be providing the FBI with such information. Thank god I have believed in paper trails as well…

    And the remains of scare tactics – “someone” might have access to your information, therefore no one shall, for your protection….

    Rereading correspondences from Jim Weissenborn always reassuring us investors that we were wrong to worry…

    How is your life now, with all your money disappeared??

    • I believe Christina said that the information we supply was to help the FBI investigators.
      Does anyone know if incomplete information has any effect on our claim?

  4. Any if not all information to the FBI is better than none.

    It feels like they are asking a daunting amount of info, but I hope that if all of us provide at least what we can, they will receive more than enough information to see what has occurred, which I don’t see harming us, and hopefully help us.

    So as others have urged, fill in what you can, don’t worry about the blanks – just send what you can. And – common sense – the better you represent your involvement, most probably the better for you.

    • Could you please tell me when the forms are due? I cannot find any dates on the forms. Thank you for your encouragement. It seemed like a daunting task.

  5. For lack of a better place to put this…

    Update in the Madoff recovery gives a glimpse at how far they went to try and look legit. More of interest to our case is that the Trustee “has brought about 1,050 lawsuits seeking more than $103 billion, primarily from banks and other financial firms and funds. Roughly one-third of that sum has been thrown out in various court decisions.

    The trustee had earlier said he has recovered roughly $8.7 billion to cover about $17.3 billion of valid customer claims.”

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