Happy Halloween

Did Walter dress up in an orange jumpsuit or did he go nude simply holding a bar of soap?


17 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. A really silly topic, but as good a place as any I guess to remind everyone that this is the third anniversary of the default of RE Loans.

    I’d wish everyone a happy anniversary but there’s nothing even remotely happy about it.

    • Kelly Ng is playing hide and seek this Halloween.

      As some of you know, Kelly Ng is a defendant
      in a sexual molestation case. According to the
      Court file, Kelly Ng has admitted that he did it.

      The Court granted the victim’s motion to do
      discovery into Kelly Ng’s assets, which will
      be evidence given to the jury so they might
      determine the amount of punitive damages
      that Kelly Ng should pay. The more he has,
      the more punitive damages he must pay.

      Recently, Kelly Ng and his wife, Jenny Ng, split
      the ownership of their home at 13 Virginia Drive
      in Orinda, 50/50. Kelly Ng then transferred all
      of his interest in the property into a trust. The
      trustees of the trust are his children.

      Kelly Ng and Jenny Ng also owned the BAR-K
      Building at 201 Lafayette Circle in Lafayette.
      Not anymore. They transferred title to a
      newly-formed limited liability company (LLC)
      in Nevada.

      All of this was accomplished with the legal
      assistance of Jacob M. Glickman, an attorney
      in San Francisco. (www.jmglickman.com)

      So the lesson for today is: molest a girl and
      hire Mr. Glickman to protect your ASSets.

      • There are Fraudulent Transfer laws that may help the victims. He needs to have received reasonably equivalent value in exchange for the transfers – meaning he can’t just give assets away. From your disc. he may not have, but I will leave that to the practicing attorneys…

      • **As dozens of investors quickly type that address to Google Kelly’s manse. **

        He pays over $32,000 just in tax on that place this year. That’s about half of what it costs per year for his son’s college. He caught a break with his daughter going to a state school, so maybe that costs him a little less than his home tax–depending on how nice her residence is. That doesn’t even start to address food, clothing, and the rest of whatever Mrs. Kelly needs. No wonder he needed lots of income. It’s an expensive lifestyle to maintain.

        Of course if he should be charged, tried and convicted of certain financial misappropriations that are rumored, the federal government might undo a lot of his financial planning. (In the Madoff case, the trustee is going back ten years for gifts, income, etc to family members.)

        Bet he’d really miss that tennis court if he were to go to prison.

  2. Kelly’s going to prison. Once they hear about the sexual molestation it’ll give prisoners an excuse to beat him up, get protection money put on their books and gang rape him. The only other choice the scumbag has is sewer-cide. You pick, Kelly. In the picture are Kelly, his son and wife Jenny.

  3. Not for me. Here’s what I see:

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    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

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  4. Obviously the Ng’s stay up to the minute on this blog. No wonder it gets so many more readers than posters.

    While we have their attention… Hey Ng’s, guess you’re all enjoying what’s left of your little empire before assorted Federal agencies crawl through your lives with a fine toothed comb, and possibly take it all back to reimburse the investors who have lost millions. Did you know that the trustee for Madoff’s case filed a suit against his five year old grand daughter for about $11,000 in gifts she received? It can happen to you. No generation in your family can assume they are out of range. But from the looks of your lives, it’s a lot more money they will have to go after. Hope you all got a lot out of those nice expensive educations, because you may have a large federal lien to pay back in the future. Might want to cut back on the holiday shopping this year.

  5. 7:00am: All is calm right now. The occupiers seem to be tucked nicely in their tents. Police presence is small to non-existent. Media presence is HUGE. News trucks are stationed just outside the BART elevator, next to Frank Ogawa Plaza/City Hall. All streets and parking garage are currently open. There are no police barricades on Broadway and surrounding sidewalks. This is much different than last week at this time, the city lockdown was in already place. Marches are planned for 9:00am, 12:00pm and 5:00pm. Next update will be coming around 9:00am.

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