The dominoes are falling – Mortgage Fund ’08 slapped with an involuntary BK

Mortgage Fund ’08 is placed into INVOLUNTARY bankruptcy.

Here is a link provided by a diligent reader/contributor on involuntary bankruptcy (HERE).

44 thoughts on “The dominoes are falling – Mortgage Fund ’08 slapped with an involuntary BK

    • The Mortgage Fund ’08 meeting of creditors was held
      on November 7, 2011. The Brinkman Partners, mentioned
      above, prepared a report. It is dated November 4, 2011.

      For Pacer users it is Document No. 74, filed November 4,

      Every Mortgage Fund ’08 investor should read this

    • I am not understanding the bankruptcy for MF08. In less that a year the assets in the portfolio were around $90,000,000.00 and today their value is Zero. What happened and why did the value drop so dramatically?

  1. Are there any thoughts on the letter that the 500 investors in Mortgage Fund 08 received in the mail recently? Are most people going to vote to start a new committee that will fight for all of the investors and not take the funds for themselves?

    • Confusing between an email and a snail mail as to what we should do. I have no idea. Suggestions?? I tend to leave things as they are as the players are familiar with the issues.

  2. In the letter recieved via regular mail they referred to a web site for MF08. Does anyone know what web site they are referring to besides this one?

    • Email vote to:

      To MF ’08 investor–I disagree to “leave things as they are.” Have you been following what the current Committee has done/not done on our behalf? Mr. Olsen’s letter is the truth. The current Committee should be GONE YESTERDAY. ENOUGH OF GETTING SHAFTED OVER AND OVER. When I voted online I immediately received a letter from the current “players” defending themselves. Too little too late. Waaayyyyyyy too late. “ALL VOTES MUST BE RECEIVED BY OCT.26th.”

  3. I agree, we signed and turned ours in the day we receive it!! I hope everyone else did. “leave things as they are”??????? I don’t think sol!!!!! We are not going to stand for this anymore! We will fight for what is ours, we are tired of people taking advantage of us and stealing our retirement and all of the savings we had to our names!!!! Enough is enough!!!!

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