Dear Kelly

We think it’s cute that you’ve sent your minions to the blog in order to protect you.  Perhaps they’d be happier at the other blog that speaks sweet lies about you and your father.

Your companies stole our money, lied to us and threatened our very existence due to inept management, lack of ethics and greed.

Thanks for your patronage, Kelly.




2 thoughts on “Dear Kelly

  1. Perhaps Walter and Kelly would like to use this blog to answer questions from we Noteholders now that no one is answering the telephones in the Bar-K building in Lafayette. Not even voice mail messages are being taken. Calls are simply being disconnected after the outgoing messages are played.

    To be fair, one message does suggest we call Kelly, and it even provides his cellphone number, but who wants to listen to more lies.

  2. I’m not sure I’d label recent visitors as Kelly’s minions. I’m inclined to think that many people who knew and worked with Kelly Ng for all these years in real estate finance, and those who knew him as Kelly Ng Volleyball coach–both at UC Berkeley and the team he started at the Bentley school (K-12 in Lafayette), are probably somewhat horrified to learn that his step-niece has filed a sexual molestation lawsuit against him, and that there are so many investigations underway for the $750,000,000 people entrusted to his family business, which are now gone, wiping out thousands of people, many senior citizens, or families who had saved for their children’s well being or college fund.

    Who wouldn’t feel icky to read this stuff about a guy you may have sat next to in a PTA meeting, or who’s house they may have dropped their own kids off at for play dates, years ago. I can understand why people might want to put some distance between themselves and Kelly Ng.

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