Would you trust him? With anything?


6 thoughts on “Would you trust him? With anything?

        • Probably can’t find many articles on the entire RE Loans and Ng family scandal, outside of this blog, a couple of online articles, and the series of television reports from KGO tv. Weird, huh?

          Even though two class action lawsuits have been filed in the last month, for what may turn out to be the biggest securities fraud in California’s history–almost 3/4 of a billion dollars, and it’s got all of the elements of a well rounded scandal that the media usually loves… family in-fighting, alleged sex scandal, alleged minor exploited, alleged senior citizen fraud, college coach accused of improprieties with a minor, and yet, not one daily newspaper has printed a word.

          It’s a very long and complicated case, and Dan Noyes at KGO deserves a huge amount of credit for taking this story on. But without more media coverage, other potential investors may not know there is a problem and still be trying to invest with Kelly Ng in his new company, Lend, Inc. Same business, same office building, same players.

  1. I recently asked in this blog about the no previous names or disciplinary actions, and evidently since it’s a “new” company, created to take over because Bar K did lose their real estate license, evidently the “new” company can continue, business as usual.

    The Tagami property transfer of Austin Val Verde having any sway with Jerry Brown’s party host is an interesting angle which it seems like the media would want to explore.

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