Kelly’s (deflated volley) Balls

It turns out Cal got smart and removed Kelly Ng as their volleyball coach.  You know, the guy who has been accused of molesting his brother’s 15 year old step daughter.  Recall the February 3, 2008 article in the Chron where he stated the following:

Gear you can’t live without: Da Gold volleyball by Molten. It’s metallic gold, symbolic of a long career.

Apparently Da Gold has lost some (all?) of its air 🙂

Here’s some banter on a Cal sports message board that you might enjoy.

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12 thoughts on “Kelly’s (deflated volley) Balls

  1. I am an investor in the re loans fund and haven’t received any notification for the class action suit. Is there someone that I should notify? I am aware of several other investors that haven’t been notified as well. I did receive paperwork for the bankruptcy. Are there different suits involved in this fiasco?

    • The class action lawsuits were just filed in the last month, so nobody has gotten notification. That could be years away, although hopefully a trial would happen sooner, with some resolve. But even if they win, I expect Wells Fargo and others would appeal to tie it up for years. If that were to happen, it would be nice of a judge to make them post bond equal to the damages awarded, if they want to appeal, to avoid further delay if they lost appeal. (One could wish.)

      Here’s info on class action lawsuits:

  2. At this point there is nothing for you to do re. the class action suit(s).

    The concern at the moment is to get your claim form(s) re. Walters’ bankruptcy to the court in Oakland before CofB tomorrow (Tue,, Sept. 6th).

  3. If it’s any consolation for Kelly about not getting rewed as volleyball coach at Cal, there are a couple thousand investors who can relate to what it feels like to have worked hard for years to achieve your goals, only to have the rewards of your effort disappear.

    I just googled to check, and it looks like some prisons have volleyball teams! I bet any one of them would appreciate an experienced coach.

    • The case has been discussed in the comments on some earlier threads:

      Robert Brower has posted updates at times in other threads as well, but this blog hasn’t done a post specifically discussing the molestation lawsuit. Robert Brower an attorney who has successfully sued one of the Bar K partners (Bruce Horwitz) earlier this summer. Walter Ng (Kelly Ng’s father,) was also on that suit, but filed for bankruptcy to avoid having to go to trial.

      • The case is Contra Costa County Superior Case No. MSC 09 – 02882.

        This is an edited version of my earlier post:

        The case involves Kelly Ng’s sexual molestation of Barney Ng’s stepdaughter, that is, Lexi Ng’s
        daughter from her previous marriage. According to the Second Amended Complaint, the molestation
        occurred in Walter Ng’s Lafayette home after dinner on Thanksgiving Day in 1998, when the plaintiff
        was 15 years old. There was a delayed discovery of the psychological consequences of the molestation,
        and the case was not filed until 2009.

        According to the case file, Kelly Ng took the Fifth Amendment during his deposition when he was asked
        about the molestation.

        Kelly Ng contends, however, that the event did not occur and that the case was instigated by Barney Ng
        as retaliation, filed just after Kelly Ng foreclosed on the deed of trust on Barney’s Siena Hotel in Reno.
        This defense has no merit.

        I asked Bruce Horwitz about this in his deposition. He barely escaped getting caught up in this case. As
        a pediatrician, Bruce Horwitz had a duty to report Kelly Ng to the police, if he knew about the molestation.
        He claimed he did not know.


        The case is set for trial on May 7, 2012. Because Kelly Ng has admitted the molestation to others, the
        only real issue will be the amount of damages and the amount of punitive damages.

        • Thank you for the update Mr. Brower. Is there any reason as to why no criminal charges were filed. Because Kelly has been coaching young people for years, I would have thought that he would welcome the opportunity to clear his name. Since a civil suit would never lead to a conviction or obligation to register as a sex offender, would he be free to continue coaching volleyball if some institution agreed?

        • Re. the foreclosure “filed just after Kelly Ng foreclosed on the deed of trust on Barney’s Siena Hotel in Reno.”.

          It should be noted that, while the foreclosure papers were initially filed, Walter and Kelly flatly refused to proceed with any additional foreclosure action against Barney, Wild Game Ng, One South Lake, the Siena, or any of the other entities under and by which Barney owned and/or leased the Siena property.

          This was and is a glaring example of their fiduciary malfeasance.

  4. Many of us have our pension plan in Bar-K and have to take a yearly minimum distribution. Since this is impossible, do we still have an IRS obligation for the paper transfer and then pay the appropriate taxes.


    • Ah. The question of MDRs from IRAs surely deserves it’s own topic, especially in lieu of the latest rumor that the IRAs have again been devalued, this time to 10%.

      Mr. Lutz, your question can best be answered by the IRS, a tax attorney or an accountant. I’m doubtful that anyone here can do more than direct you to an authoritative source for the information you seek.

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