These were shared with us

Many of us have seen the following, but for those who haven’t, please look at all the names and let us know if anything looks suspicious:


5 thoughts on “These were shared with us

  1. Once you are into the site CLICK ON THE BLUE ADDRESS and it will provide further interesting sales history. The background music should be “it a family affair”

  2. It seems the Ng family “knows” how to buy secured properties for themselves vs. the unsecured land, etc. in RE loans and mortgage fund ’08. I guess it does not matter when you are making money off fees that are based on questionable appraisals. Double standard???

  3. I’ve been asking about 1041 Camino Del Valle for months, but nobody has responded to me on the blog or in emails. I don’t know if it’s an error from Blockshopper, because I can’t figure out how this property went from the Lim’s, who purchased it on 1/5/10 to Maribel Ng’s possession ten days later, when she sold it to Walter. That’s the last transaction I find for it, but I did not see it listed in Walter’s properties.

    Sales History (2001-present)
    N/A on Jan. 15, 2010
    B: Ng, Walter
    S: Maribel Ng
    N/A on Jan. 5, 2010
    B: Jason Wayne Lim, James Hock Chung Lim, Helen Lee Lim
    S: Alex Davis Candoo, Charles G Candoo (Estate)

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