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The greater public will finally be aware of what we’ve gone through over the past few years.  It’s been heartbreak and heartache, but perhaps there’s an end in sight…we hope.  On to the good news, shared earlier by Dixon:


To the best of my knowledge, Dan Noyes from KGO News will air a two part series, about RE Loans and MF 08’, this coming Monday night (8/22) at 6:00 pm on ABC/KGO, channel 7.

The first segment will air on Monday night and the second segment will air on Tuesday night (8/23), following the Federal Bankruptcy Status Conference being conducted at 3:00 pm that same afternoon. As with all newscasts, this one is currently scheduled as outlined above, but could be moved to a different time, based on changed schedules due to other breaking news.

I encourage everyone to attend the Walter Ng Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Status Conference, this coming Tuesday, which will be held at: 1300 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94612. The building is at 14th and Clay streets, and the courtrooms are on the second floor.

Dixon Collins – Noteholder


21 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Thank you Mr. Collins. I got myself a BART ticket today and encourage other investors to do the same. The Federal Building is an easy walk, about 2 blocks from the Downtown Oakland – 12th Street BART Station. See you there!

    • Dear Bruce Wayne,

      The status conference is not at the Federal Building. It is
      across the street, an office building on the corner of 14th
      and Clay. The courtrooms are on the second floor.

      Anyone going to the Federal Building will go to the wrong


      • Mr. Brower,
        Thank you. Please call me Bruce. You are very helpful. It is the building across the street and up to second floor. I will be there. – Bruce Wayne

  2. For those of us who don’t live in the SF Bay Area, and who can no longer afford the luxury of cable or satellite television (therefore no television access to Mr. Noyes’ broadcast), I would ask that Mr. Noyes exert his influence to make the broadcast(s) available via streaming on the internet.

  3. That was a nice spot. It’s such a long, complex case, and I thought he did a good job of mapping it out, including photos of the gang, so people who see or know them will have no doubt that these are the people the story is about. Even a photo of the Silver Dragon. Let’s hope it wakes up more investors who are still waiting for Walter to hand them their cup of porridge.

    I had to boo at Walter’s attorney’s statement; “He is distraught about the losses to investors. As an investor himself, Mr. Ng has also suffered losses that have caused him to file for bankruptcy. He knows many of his investors were even more devastated, and he hopes they will be able to recover their losses through the bankruptcy proceedings and restructuring efforts.”
    Ed Swanson/ alter Ng’s Attorney

    Well I say BS, you freaking liar. Walter made sure to run his accounts down so he wouldn’t have to pay a cent in his bankruptcy. Like that $257,000 donation for Culture to Culture? Even a Obviously he planned ahead, made sure all of his assets and new house were under the limits he’s allowed so he wouldn’t have to leave his gated community. He’s been arrogant, and admonished for not providing full information on assets in his bankruptcy. He claims to need $1800 a month food allowance and wants to keep his Palm Desert time share, so hey Mr. Swanson, nobody believes that Walter is “distraught” and we hope to see him and his worthless sons in orange jumpsuits one day.

    Although I have full confidence that Kelly will find all the money he needs to pay Mr. Swanson’s fees– none of us could withdraw a penny on our own investments, but they had $50,000 for a retainer for the criminal attorney. That doesn’t even touch on the tens of thousands in fees to the bankruptcy attorney. And whose fault is all of this? Well if Walter is “distraught, he’s only got himself to blame.”

  4. Kmum,

    I second you on everything you have so well articulated! Walter’s “BS statement” rally riled me and is just another example of his sociopathy and sense of entitlement.

    • That too is fraud. He is older, yes, but not as old as some of the people he held up without the use of a gun. Some people are old, have cancer, no money for drugs, living and begging off of family and friends. Walter gets around, plays golf and yucks it up. Don’t feel sorry for this skinny criminal. He is not fragile he is a monster.

  5. Lie after lie. He knows that this won’t happen.

    “…and he hopes they will be able to recover their losses through the bankruptcy proceedings and restructuring efforts.”

    If you believe this, I have a hotel casion in Reno I would like you to invest in.

      • The committe is a joke and the only interest Tracy has is securing her big fat check. Bankruptcy should be outlawed and most particularly in a case concerning a complete crook attempting to avoid being sued as he did in the McGuire case, leaving Bruce Horwitz (no angel) to take the fall. Maybe he gave Bruce a vault of Walter’s Special Promissory Notes. Walter is gaming the system.

  6. Wake up people. It is only Walter Ng investors that will see any real money.
    You may see a penny or so a beneficary of the REL investment in RE Reno.
    Then it will only be pennys on the dollar.
    Don’t start doing the math if you understand who has priority, you just end up snapping your pencil in half.

  7. I’m interested in exploring the statements made in court by Mr. Kaplan on Aug. 23rd regarding RE Reno, LLC and the ‘guarantee’ that was issued by Walter and Barney to the investors into that now defunct loan.

    I’m surprised that this $50 million fiasco isn’t receiving more press.

    Would it be possible to start a new topic regarding RE Reno, LLC and the various other Ng entities associated with it? (One South Lake Street, Wild Game Ng, etc.)

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