Is Walter Guilty of Perjury?

Read this document -> Brower Status Statement 8_16_11-1  <- and decide for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Is Walter Guilty of Perjury?

    • I vote perjury and fraud! We could start a pool if anyone had any money left, (and it weren’t illegal.)

      Maybe the following will bring some warmth to some creditor’s heart:

      Consequences of Bankruptcy Perjury

      The consequences of perjury in bankruptcy cases are no laughing matter. Your attorney will have a hard time getting you out of any of the following punishments for bankruptcy perjury:

      * Up to 5 years jail time in a federal prison.
      * Fines of $250,000 or more.
      * Loss of bankruptcy case discharge or debt forgiveness.
      * Publication of your bankruptcy perjury case in public notices for all to see.
      * You credit record will list bankruptcy and perjury.

      Not only will you be subject to jail time and hefty fines, you may be permanently banned from court for any future hearings.

      What Your Lawyer Can Do For You

      Your attorney cannot protect you if you don’t disclose all pertinent information. The more your attorney knows about your particular situation, the better they can build your bankruptcy case. No decent attorney will compromise their career by allowing a client to commit perjury.

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