FBI (Finally) Ready To Pounce?

The following was received today by a friend of the blog:

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “Bouls, Christina S.” <Christina.Bouls@ic.fbi.gov>
Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 1:49 PM
Subject: RE:

Hi ______________,
I just wanted to update you and maybe you can help spread the word, the case has now been entered into our Victim Notification System and I’m anticipating the letters and questionnaires will go out early next week.
Thanks and sorry this took so long.

19 thoughts on “FBI (Finally) Ready To Pounce?

  1. The FBI will not get your money back for you.

    You will have to fight the lawyers and accountants
    who let this happen in order have any chance of compensation.

    Who was watching the store?

    • “The FBI will not get your money back for you.”

      If the FBI were to conduct a successful criminal prosecution, the end result being the ‘Partners’ convicted of fraud, or any other crime relative to our investments, that in and of itself should go a long way toward recovery of our monies.

      A criminal court can order restitution to victims of a crime. In addition, conviction would automatically generate a slew of civil suits for recovery, the proof of malfeasance being the conviction in criminal court.

      As someone who actually has money invested with the Ngs / Horwitz, I don’t really believe I’ll ever see any of my life savings again. If that turns out to be the case then I’ll settle for seeing them in jail.

  2. I’m working on a story to air on ABC 7. Does anyone have video or photos of the Ng’s or Horwitz, especially at one of the Red Dragon dinners? Please respond to dan.noyes@abc.com or 415-954-7485.

    Thanks in advance,
    Dan Noyes
    ABC 7 News
    San Francisco

    • Walter Ng is an avid golfer and has golfed around the globe…some say on his investors backs…he has played all the famous golf clubs in United States and abroad. He was once a member at Sequoia Country Club (think in San Leandro California)…perhaps these clubs have pictures and records. Maybe other victims know with whom he played. As for his younger, ruthless son, Kelly, there are plenty of pictures of him on google and I think on this website as well. He’s into sports, among other things. Google images has pictures of “Siena Son Barney”…wanna be Steve Wynn, and the one time “smartest guy in the room”. Maybe Wells Fargo Foothill in Texas has a picture of him.

      We victims are eager to see your report to out this band of thieves (my opinion) and to expose them for their lies, deceit and fraud. It is my belief that there are still investors that are unaware and still believe their web of lies. These individuals have destroyed lives. Go to the http://www.Change.org web site and find the petition about Walter Ng…read about the woman victim in the wheel chair and many others. That is the tip of the iceberg. Take out your hankie. Walter Ng and Bernie Madoff, separated at birth.

      As for Bruce Horwitz, M.D., he is a practicing physician and there must be a picture of him in some medical reference data base. He has lived in Piedmont and is connected to the Jewish community where he lured his victims. Check the various Jewish organizations to see if they have pictures of him…the guy who thought he was too important to say hello to many of us at those Silver Dragon Dinners THAT WE ULTIMATELY PAID FOR.

      Good luck and thank you.

  3. I just posted a message related to this on the “August 23 bankruptcy hearing” by mistake. Check it out if you like, but the gist is that I emailed Dan Noyes directly today and he responded that he interested in hearing from investors with poignant stories that will bring home to the public and to the justice system, I hope, the extent of the havoc this has wreaked on the victims. His contact information is contained in his message above. He is very responsive and it sounds as though he may be attending the bankruptcy hearing on Tuesday; at least he was aware of it.

  4. Can’t wait for Dan Noyes’ expose of Ng & Co. and their victims. Hope he goes to the Bankruptcy Hearing on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 to watch Walter lie and act confused and more importantly to see the faces of the victims that lost their life savings, dazed, confused, most of us too old to get a job ( almost impossible for any age) and to know that they, the victims will spend the few years they have left embroiled in the judicial system.

  5. I invested my entire IRA funds which I earned as a retired Kindergarten teacher from San Leandro Unified School District with RE Loans. I took only the required minimum distribution by law for a number of years. My husband Al was diagnosed wi Parkinsons disease 3 years ago and needs daily day care which is very expensive. We sold our long owned home in Oakland and had to move in with our daughter in Santa Rosa so she could help with his care as a disabled person. We have nearly $400 K in limbo when our needs are the greatest because we trusted Walter. I am now 82 and my husband is 84. I doubt that we will ever recover any significant part of our life savings BUT perhaps we will experience some sense that justice will prevail somehow sometime.

  6. Dear Mrs. Hulse:

    Your story is all to familiar, tragic, obscene and disgraceful. I am so sorry. I do hope that you have contacted the FBI, Department of Justice, Attorney General and please make sure you contact dan.noyes@abc.com Mr. Noyes may be reached by telephone at 415-954-7485. Please note below a post by Mr. Dixon Collins. Someday maybe we will see what happened to all of us on 20/20, 60 Minutes, Dateline, or AMERICAN GREED.


    To the best of my knowledge, Dan Noyes from KGO News will air a two part series, about RE Loans and MF 08’, this coming Monday night (8/22) at 6:00 pm on ABC/KGO, channel 7.

    The first segment will air on Monday night and the second segment will air on Tuesday night (8/23), following the Federal Bankruptcy Status Conference being conducted at 3:00 pm that same afternoon. As with all newscasts, this one is currently scheduled as outlined above, but could be moved to a different time, based on changed schedules due to other breaking news.

    I encourage everyone to attend the Walter Ng Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Status Conference, this coming Tuesday, which will be held at: 1300 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94612. The building is at 14th and Clay streets, and the courtrooms are on the second floor.

    Dixon Collins – Noteholder

  7. For those of us who don’t live in the SF Bay Area, and who can no longer afford the luxury of cable or satellite television (therefore no television access to Mr. Noyes’ broadcast), I would ask that Mr. Noyes exert his influence to make the broadcast(s) available via streaming on the internet.

  8. So about those letters and questionnaires which the FBI said they would be sending out a couple of weeks ago… Anyone get one? I haven’t seen one.

  9. I received the following email message from Agent Bouls a couple of days ago;
    “The letters are starting to go out so you should anticipate receiving yours in the near future.”

  10. Not sure where this info might best fit, but, mixed news in other local investment fraud cases:

    This one has been in the news lately, and (as far as I know,) is not related to the Ng’s, but it’s an investment scam in the same area (Walnut Creek,), so at least we can see that they do eventually send some of these guys to prison.. Steven Kobayashi was sentenced to 65 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for a fraudulent scheme in which he converted more than $5.4 million of his clients’ funds to his personal bank accounts for his own benefit, United States Attorney Melinda Haag announced. The investigation came from President Barack Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, which was started in 2009. Full article below.


    The familiar names of Michael Ohayon and David Parera, former colleagues of Barney Ng, were set to be sentenced last month after pleading guilty to a $19 million dollar fraud. Coincidentally, just days before that court appearance, someone was posting on this blog to protest our mention of David Papera.


    Perhaps he was checking his media coverage, before withdrawing his guilty plea that week. He pulled his plea and is now asking for a trial. Michael Ohayon still stands by his guilty plea and is ready to get on with his jail term, but the cases were connected, so David’s attempt to stall the wheels of justice paused Michael’s sentencing.


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