Monday Funnies

12 thoughts on “Monday Funnies

  1. Some person is a brilliant cartoonist. Is one of the cartoonist from THE NEW YORKER an investor? It is a great cartoon and my laugh for the day. Thank you.

  2. I can appreciate some comic relief in the midst of the horror. That’s perfect! The only thing missing, as in real life, is any reference to Barney Ng. Perhaps he was the pirate who sank the ship.

  3. 1054….someone knows their history…right on smart person.
    also, kmum, your last sentence as seen above…really good.

  4. I’m stunned that Barney Ng is escaping all of this. Remember, it was he who made (and got paid a percentage of) the inflated appraisals plus his commissions for ‘finding’ the loans. It’s not hard to imagine that he got paid three or four different ways besides his ‘Management’ and ‘Partnership’ monies.

    Also, let’s not forget that it was Barney, personally and solely, who’s responsible for the $50MM fiasco that is/was the Siena Hotel loan. He borrowed the money from his father, who ‘borrowed’ it from us, and it was Barney who managed and totally screwed up the Siena. He ran it so far downhill that in the end he even hosed his own employees.

    The only reason I can see that Barney is not included in the lawsuits is that he’s probably the one feeding the noteholder litigants all of the insider information they seem to have acquired.

    One only need look at the history of the loans Barney ‘found’ and recommended to know that it wasn’t OUR best interests that were being served.

    I hope someone puts Barney up on the same gallows as his father, brother, and Bruce Horwitz.

  5. I think the past “inside info” from Barney comes from a letter his attorney wrote quite awhile back, which has been referred to previously in this blog. That seems more likely than litigants working directly with him. Does everyone believe that the Ng’s are truly divided, or could this all be part of the ruse?

    Does anyone know what the penalties are for performing real estate appraisals and claiming to be a licensed appraiser, when one is not? I think there are some other agencies who might have an interest in their own investigation–like the California Office of Real Estate Appraisers? (A few squeaky wheels might get more grease than just one or two inquiries.)

    At the slow grinding pace of justice, one should not put all of their eggs in the FBI basket. Which reminds me… I’ve heard that the US Postal Department takes mail fraud very seriously. I think it’s time we think outside the box, get creative, and look at the other options.

    Some of the legal complaints filed mention exact codes/laws and jurisdictions (state, federal, SEC, etc.) that complainants feel were violated. But has anyone alerted those agencies directly and asked them to investigate those specific allegations? (Yes, I know earlier, more vague efforts with the SEC went nowhere, but this is now, with other things brewing, and more information available.) It’s one thing to claim laws were broken in a civil complaint, but if the governing body determines their laws were broken, that’s a whole other courtroom.

    In the end, does it mater what path leads to orange jumpsuits? If that is the destination, the sooner the better, by whatever means are available.

    • Equitatus:

      Your post goes here. I have two separate reports
      from two different people that Tracy Green has said
      that she needs the $259,749 back from Culture to
      Culture to pay her fees.

      So this story is part of the Monday Funnies, with
      the sharks waiting for the last rat on the rope, above,
      to drop the Culture to Culture treasure chest.

      • “Tracy Green has said
        that she needs the $259,749 back from Culture to
        Culture to pay her fees.” Fees for doing WHAT for the victim creditors…for telling us when we contacted her that we should contact Kaplan and beg for an extension date…what a scam!

        • Don’t forget lining up that $4000 website that a high school student could have created for $200 (which btw appears on p.7 of Walter’s June financial statement as an expense he reimbursed, so I hope it’s not going to be double billed on Green’s statement.) Green probably billed some time for her participation in the transaction, to make it happen.

          Green and Kaplan are why people hate lawyers. Present company (Brown and Brower) excepted. The world could use more Atticus Finch. May a pox fall on the rest of them, and the Ng clan.

          Since I’ll probably never see my money back, (although Tracy Green and Walter’s attorney’s look to profit greatly,) I would feel better if Horowitz, Walter, his worthless sons, and even Maribel, spend their final years in prison. It would bring a small bit of cheer and sense of justice. Perhaps an orange jumpsuit would dim the smug smirk off of Walter’s face? Since it could take years, if ever, to get a bit of justice, I do hope the Ng’s at least read this blog and know how deeply they are hated.

          Ah, one can dream….

          • Since they sent a spy to the McGuire trial every day, that mostly doodled, I presume they have a blog reader too.. wish that all three thousand of the victim/investors knew about and read the two wordpress sites. Most of the investors have NO KNOWLEDGE of what is happening and still think Santa Clause Ng will give them their money when the economy turns around. The myth lives.

            I have the orange jumpsuit fantasy all day long…in my dreams too. Do you think Walter will get to play golf on Wednesday in the slammer ? Will Maribel get to wear her ring? Will Kelly takes red roses? What about Barney…will he go into the witness protection program.

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