The best thing you can do today

Call AND email Tracy Green.

Ms. Green has the power to extend the August 5th deadline Equitatus has told us about over the past few days.  Despite Ms. Green’s ability to help us out, she refuses.

As such, we need to send the appropriate message to Ms. Green TODAY.

As her to do following on your behalf and the 2,999 others in your situation:

1.  Obtain a stipulation from the debtor to extend or waive the bar date
2.  Act on behalf of all debtors
3.  Respond to your inquiry immediately
*Please keep it as civil as you can.  She is obviously not on our side, but that is beside the point.

Please email her at  Please cc Maggie McGee at  Then call her at (510) 834-6600.

Do both.  Email first.  In the email tell Ms. Green that you will be following up with a phone call.  Then hit send and pick up your phone.  Dial Ms. Green and repeat what you said in your email.  You’ll likely get her voicemail, which is fine.  Leave her a message.

Let’s fill her inbox with emails and voicemails.

Please take these two simple steps TODAY.

Thank you.


38 thoughts on “The best thing you can do today

  1. I have familiarity with the subject matter and David Papera was not an owner nor a partner in the above mentioned real estate project. He never did business with the NG’s you should most definitely get your facts straight before making serious accusations such as these.

    • Is that you, David? Seriously, Sara, you should really get your facts straight before you show up unannounced like this telling us what we “should” do. Do you realize that over 3,000 people lost a total of $750M? The “M” stands for million. Go away.

    • Sure glad i caught your REMINDER OF 23 August, 20011 @ 3:00 Bankruptcy Court date. Thank you, thank you so much.

      People…BE THERE.

  2. For those of you who have never been there,
    the courtroom is not in the courthouse.

    It is across the street.

    Security is tight; arrive early.

      • The courtroom is across the street from the
        Ron Dellums twin tower Federal Building. It
        is in an office building at the corner of 14th
        and Clay. The street address is 1300 Clay.
        The courtrooms are on the second floor.
        Go early. Security is tight.

  3. I want to recognize the superb complaint written by Mr. Brown and all the time and work he put in to it. Mr. Brown you are a gem!

  4. All complements for the class action complaint should
    go to Robert Brower who drafted excellent adversary complaint
    which was the basis of my complaint.

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