This Is Important

p.s.  Dear Tracy Green:  Your opportunistic self-aggrandizing behavior deserves a good old fashioned review by the California State Bar. You are nothing more than a common (financial) strumpet.  Good day.

9 thoughts on “This Is Important

  1. Could someone post a link to print out the appropriate form for filing an objection to dischargeability with the Bankruptcy Court.

    • Dear Concerned,

      Your question is a little ambiguous because there are two
      different and distinct procedures for objecting to discharge.

      First, there is an objection or Complaint related to a specific debt.
      Specific means individual, you.

      If you have a case against Walter Ng for fraud, embezzlement,
      or willful misconduct concerning your individual debt, then you
      can file an objection or Complaint against Walter Ng. Maybe you
      do not have a case because you were defrauded by Bruce Horwitz.

      If you do file against Walter Ng, there will be a trial and you prove
      your case. if you win, then you will get a judgment against Walter Ng.

      There is really no form; just follow the example of the Complaint
      filed by Lisa Kran.

      The deadline for filing is this Friday, August 5, unless your case
      concerns your pension if it is under ERISA. It appears that the
      deadline for these pension cases has been extended at the request
      of the Department of Labor.

      Second, there is an objection to Walter Ng’s discharge in general.

      This type of case is much different because it has nothing to do
      with your individual debt or debts. It really concerns bigger issues.

      The deadline for filing the objection for discharge in general has
      not been set.

      Robert W. Brower

  2. Please read what I have written on my blog.

    Mr. Brower is right. Either file a formal complaint,
    or write to the court with a general objection.

    A general objection could be in the form of a letter mailed to the court.

    However it must have the information from the caption of the
    case, parties, case number ect. The court will file it but may
    later ask you to file a formal complaint. Like Mrs. Kram’s.

    If you do nothing you will loose your claim for fraud,embezzlement, breach of fiduary duty and larceny.

    Don’t hold your breath for Tracy Green to act on your behalf.
    She seems more interested in protecting Walter Ng Investors.

    • Equitatus or anyone, could you please give us a link to print the blank form used to file the formal complaint. I understand the difference between the 2 procedures but need the correct form for a formal filing. Thank you to anyone who can help us get this form, preferably on line.

        • I am looking for a blank copy of the form used in the Kran Complaint (not just the 2 page Adversary Proceeding Cover Sheet). I’ve opened all of Equitatus’ links and there is the Cover Sheet, several links to Adversary Summons and lots of pages of instructions but I do not see the actual complaint form headed United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California. If it is there which link is it? Thank you.

          • That isn’t a form, it’s all typed up as an original complaint, and printed on pleading paper. Pleading paper has the little line numbers down the sides and can be bought at stationary or office supply stores, or if you’re using Microsoft Word 2003 or later, there is a template in Word for it. Here’s how to activate that:

            There are probably other resources as well, but those are the methods I know.

  3. kmum,

    Thank you for your help in getting pleading paper…I finally got it on line and today completed my request for an extension and also my complaint against dischargeability. Thank you.

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