Weissenborn’s Lazy Weekend

How many of you emailed Jim Weissenborn last week or over the weekend?  How many of you received a response?

John Robie’s guess?  Zero.


9 thoughts on “Weissenborn’s Lazy Weekend

  1. Weissenborn has repeatedly indicated that he will not respond to the individual investor / noteholder. Why would he? He is NOT responsible to us. His sole responsibility is to sell off RE Loans properties / loans in order to repay Wells Fargo. Period!

    He will not answer except with the general, almost useless, memo to the masses as he has in the past.

    Sending him private email messages will produce no positive results for us. Do you really think he reads the email sent to the referenced address, much less answers them?

    Now, go ahead and insult me. I expect no less from the true leader of this ‘blog’. But I’m a legitimate, long time, multi-account investor who was fighting the Ing’s YEARS before this ‘blog’ was started.

  2. I sent an email to JW several days ago with 4 pertinent questions…and guess what…never a response from the self-annointed King!

  3. JW’s latest 10 page update seems to be the same old, same old… Apparently without a recapitaization for WFF it could now take several years for note holders to see any return. With Mackinac having 8 full time employees running day-to-day operations, I’d say that’s a pretty good gig.

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