Keep It Simple

Yesterday we asked you to take two simple steps:

  1. Sign the petition to the U.S. Trustee
  2. Send an email to Mr. Weisenborn

We have over 100 signatures on the petition, so that means there are 2,900 of you out there who haven’t stepped up to the plate.  Every single one of us has a friend or family member, so that means there are at least another 3,000 or so people who could sign the petition.  Will you take the time RIGHT NOW to do so?  After “signing” the petition, you will have an option to “email” the petition to friends and family.  Please do this.  Urge them to sign the petition on your behalf.  Once again, this is easy.  It is not hard and it won’t eat up your day.

Each email to Mr. Weissenborn is another easy operation.  You’re already online.  We already posted sample questions.  Please take the time to do so NOW.

See below for the link and JW’s email address.

Do yourself a favor.  With the Fourth of July coming up, make a play for your freedom.  You don’t enjoy freedom from the suffering the Ng’s financial mismanagement has added to your life.  What is stopping you?

6 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. I am in the midst of sending an email to Jim Weissenborn; however, what petition are you speaking about? I would most likely support such a petition and sign it, if I knew how to find it. Could you please enlighten me…thank you

  2. John,
    I found the petition, signed it as well as sent an email to Weissenborn. I really appreciate all you do and many thanks…I like that some how it got set up through the hyperlink with that mentioned after I signed it that 14 signatures more were needed. Is there a number of signatures required? I strongly urge everyone to get proactive!

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