Kelly = Courtroom Deadbeat

Kelly Ng didn’t show up today, despite the subpoena issued by Team Bachrach.  Per Equitatus’ notes, it is curious his attorney was able to appear on his behalf, but Kelly couldn’t make it.  Perhaps he was busy doing what most real estate tycoons do with the majority of their time –  bumping, setting, or spiking at a summer volleyball tournament.

3 thoughts on “Kelly = Courtroom Deadbeat

  1. The Judge (real good guy) invited, Attorney Buyback to make a case why an Order to Order Show Casue (OSC) should be issued against Kelly compelling his to appear and show cause why he ignored the subpoena.

    He fell flat on his face. Didn’t introduce the subpoena, acklnowledgement, or letters showing paper trail showing Kelly agreed to testify. Nor did he ask for speicific relief in his weak address to the court.
    Hopefully someone has enough brains to stake out Kelly haunts, (vollyball courts) to serve a new supboena on him which he cant igonroe. If the defense doesn’t do it, it goes right along with their weak and ambigious efforts to get him to court before.

    Maybe the judge will act on his own?

    No matter what happens here. Kelly will have to face his past in court somewhere,sometime.

    I would think he would “man up” but maybe he doesn’t have enough vollyballs.

    • Think Buyback had no intention of Kelly to testify…part of the plot…they are all in it together. Buyback is part of Lend, Inc. They are all kissing cousins. Equitatus, keep it coming.

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