Meet The Opposing Counsel Part Deux

We have discussed Bruce’s attorney, William (Bill) Bachrach* a number of times on this blog, starting with this post ( back in the day.

Today, though, we introduce you to one of Bachrach’s co-counsel on the case, the splendidly bohemian Carol Urzi, Esq. 

Apparently she spends plenty of time in her lovely backyard reading multiple books, including a book on the philosophy of sex.

She’s also a yogini.  Perhaps we can suggest she meditate on the devastation her client has caused in 3,000 people’s lives, or is it that she’s simply balancing the good (yoga, book reading and her strenuous photo shoots) with the bad (representing people who screwed thousands of senior citizens out of their life’s savings).  It’s amazing she even has time to practice law given her other multiple pursuits in life.

Anyhow, we hope you have enjoyed meeting another one of Bruce’s attorneys and we hope Urzi can employ some duct tape and chewing gum in order to keep her technology functioning long enough to view this insightful posting.  Hi Carol, nice to meet you!

Next week Bachrach (and Urzi) will get to enjoy watching their friend Kelly Ng get grilled on the witness stand.  Wondering if Bachrach and Kelly will exchange pleasantries over the success of their new venture together, Lend, Inc?  If they’re taking investors, do us a favor Carol, and ask them to count us out.

*If Bachrach loses this case we should really consider pitching in a few bucks each to buy him a personal grooming kit for fear of his eyebrows overtaking his entire body.


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