It’s Amazing…

It’s simply amazing what happens when over 3,000 people figure out they’ve been duped…they get creative.


4 thoughts on “It’s Amazing…

  1. Is this a book cover with story to go with it? I’m learning how we are part of this story by attending the bankruptcy hearings and McGuire Trial, but expected to see something following this interesting piece. I’ve been thinking this is a story worth telling to save future unsuspecting investors to from going down this same hellish path.

    • It could be a book, it could be a good movie. It could also be a great Choose Your Own Adventure (we chose wrong) or a good Mad Libs. Regardless, it’s a sad truth we all face in that the Ng’s and Bruce took us to the woodshed. We’re lucky that there are people out there fighting for us – Brower, the McGuires, the Collins’ and countless others who are scheming, scratching and clawing to recover what is rightfully ours.

    • Just got an email from a friend’s commute experience this morning:


      As I slogged my way over the Altamont this morning, I noticed 3 snow white Chevy SUV’s parading on my left. Big letters on the passenger doors read POLICE. I couldn’t make out the logo on the door because I had to pay attention to the traffic in front of me. As they edged ahead of me I read “Federal Bureau of Investigation” on each of the tailgates. As we travelled together through Livermore & Pleasanton I fantasized that they were on their way to pick up Walter & “crew”.

      My dreams were dashed as I took the 580/680 split & they proceeded up the Dublin grade. But, it was a great dream while it lasted. Won’t be long though…

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