Walter’s Financials

It’s rather interesting to peruse the financial exhibits provided by Walter’s attorneys.  Who knew that Bar-K was worth a grand total of $0?  Have you ever heard of LOWN, LLC?  We always thought Barney was the creative force behind the naming of the LLC’s, but we were wrong!

You can find the documents by clicking on THIS LINK.

Thanks to super sleuth Equitatus for their hard work in tracking down these documents.

13 thoughts on “Walter’s Financials

    • What is “The Mortgage Fund LLC”? W shows income of $20,000 YTD and $164,121 in 2010.
      B4 is the manager of RE Loans, right?
      He took $48,000 income from B4 in 2010 and another $41,000 from Walter Ng Investors.
      A quarter million in 2010 . . . For what?

    • On June 14 Walter’s Ch.11 status conference statement provides:

      7. The Debtors expect to file their first monthly operating report, for the period
      from the Petition Date through May 31, 2011, by the due date of June 20, 2011.

      I can’t find it. Has he done it or is this something we can complain about tomorrow?

        • I don’t think Walter’s amended Financial statement covers it. That only refers to “the gross amount of income the debtor has received from employment, trade, or profession, or from operation of the debtor’s business, including part-time activities either as an employee or in independent trade or business, from the
          beginning of this calendar year to the date this case was commenced.

          It has nothing to do with how he is currently operating his businesses. He is required to file monthly statements on how each business, of which he is the debtor-in-possession, is operating. Certainly seems to me that he has failed to do so and is indicative of what kind of debtor-in-possession he is.

    • Deposits

      Walter Ng PR Lend, Inc 6/1/2011 3 ,628.60
      Walter Ng PR Lend, Inc 6/30/2011 3 ,628.59

      Cash from DIP Chking 23 Ck# 124 Expense Reimb. 2 ,413.72

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