They’re Spoiling Us

This is the second communication from Weissenborn & Team this week.  What’s next?  Three communications next week?  Unlikely.   RE Reno investors might not enjoy reading that while Walter acknowledges his   commitment to RE Reno, his commitment is to the entity, not the individual noteholders.  That’s weak.  Anyhow, here’s the document:
  5-20-11 REL Statement (click here).


3 thoughts on “They’re Spoiling Us

  1. Elliot Abrams filed a request for Special Notice and for Inclusion on the Master Mailing List today. Investors who can cut and paste might use his pleading as a template and file their own Request for Special Notice.

  2. The CRO by his comments about notice seems to unaware of Walter’s attempt to stack the creditor committee, as well as his emergnecy motion that would act to deny investor real effective notice.

    Seems like he was caught by suprise and is play catch up.

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