This Is Insulting

Lunacy is defined as “Insanity, especially insanity relieved intermittently by periods of clear-mindedness.”  What’s missing at the Bar-K office is the part about intermittent clear-mindedness, as evidenced by their statement below.  They certainly have the remainder of the definition covered.

REL Statement

17 thoughts on “This Is Insulting

  1. So why are we all listed as creditors of Walter’s?

    What is trying to acomplish personal discharge for future tort actions against he and his wife?

  2. Are you people brain dead? or just gone to bead early?

    Do you have so much money that you don’t care about what this is doing to the investor that his or hers life saving in these funds?

    Are you so feeble that you need for someone to tell you what to do?

    Where are the 2-3 thousand investors? Asleep at the wheel?

    Good night!

    • Equitatus and all who think those of us on this message board aren’t contributing enough to the conversation. I don’t think we aren’t responding because we don’t care or because we are stupid, we just don’t know what to post that would be of any help other than to share our misery. By the way, these accusations from our fellow investors just add insult to injury and only add to the intimidation factor. I read, and appreciate these postings very much, but don’t feel I have much to offer in the way of constructive commentary or assistance. But I do sincerely appreciate this message board as a place to find out the lastest information and appreciate the members with the expertise to tell us what it means.

      • I’m sorry I got carried away with the injustice of my brother loosing his life’s savings.

        I just wonder sometimes how many people are on the sidelines.

        Nice to hear from you.

  3. My life savings is in RE Loans and I do need direction on what to do . . . I welcome any path to recovery you might suggest.

  4. File a proof of claim, request to be on the creditors committee, consult with a lawyer on filing an adversary complaint in the bankruptcy and be prepared to file it when others do.

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