Please Attend The Creditors Meeting – June 6th

Thank you to Dixon Collins for the following:

Please note the Creditors Meeting is scheduled for June 6, 2011 at the Office of the U.S. Trustee, 1301 Clay St, Room 680N, Oakland, CA 94612.

All creditors listed are invited, and I encourage you to attend.

We’ll see you there at 11:00 a.m.



16 thoughts on “Please Attend The Creditors Meeting – June 6th

  1. Do these dates usually get changed? I will fly down from Seattle for this. I am a Siena investor to the tune of $800,000. Walter (and Barney) signed personal guarantees for this investment, so my claim would be for that $800,000. Is anyone else attending because of their Siena investment?

  2. Unable to attend. Sure would appreciate a ‘first hand’ report.

    Kelly says Walter and Barney’s ‘guarantee’ is
    nothing more that “a feel good document”. With Walter’s BK filing he may end up off the hook for our RE Reno investments, and Barney is aiding the opposition in pursuit of retribution against his father, brother and Bruce so he may never be held accountable for his mismanagement and foretold failure of the Siena.

  3. In my conversations with Kelly he initially also told me it was a “feel good” document. However in later conversations he told me Walter would make good on the guarantee at 50% and was asking Barney to make good on the other 50%.

    • Sorry, Heidi. Kelly telling you Walter would make good on 50% of the investments in RE Reno is pure fantasy, something the Ngs were very good at.

      NOT ONE WORD written or spoken by any of the four former partners is to be believed. NOT ONE!

  4. Remember what Weissenborn said in his May 5 letter,
    even he see’s there will be fight on the issue of the guarantee.

    “Once the settlement is implemented (assuming it is approved by the Bankruptcy Court) R.E. Reno will receive the cash described above and must determine how to proceed with respect to the guarantees and how much of the cash received, if any, should be reserved to fund any efforts to collect on account of the guarantees.”

  5. RE: Creditors Meeting on Walter Ng BK…

    I live in Woodland WA and likely won’t be able to attend this crucial meeting.

    Can anyone, or perhaps Mr. Brower, answer these questions…

    1) What happens if I or others do not attend?
    2) Am I or others required to personally comply with specified deadlines?
    3) Does this BK action, and meeting, apply to RE Loans and Mortgage Fund ’08 investors alike?

    Thank you.


  6. Read page 2 of the Notice of Creditors Meeting it explains your rights.

    You can find the document at the top of this post.

  7. just received in the mail “notice of chapter 11 bk case”. i don’t understand what all this means. how do you file a complaint and what do you know to do?

  8. Does anyone know if we’re allowed to bring cell phones into the Federal building? Some don’t let them past security, which if you’ve taken pubic transit, leaves you really stuck with nowhere to leave it.

  9. Frome the US Marshall’s web site

    What To Expect When Visiting a Courthouse

    The moment you enter the building that houses a Federal court, you become aware of the security measures in place. Near the building entrance, or in Federal Buildings with multiple tenants near the entrance to the courtrooms, you will pass through a screening station. This station is staffed by Court Security Officers (CSOs). You can expect the CSOs to check the contents of your purse or briefcase by passing them through an X-ray machine. You can also expect to be required to walk through some form of metal detection equipment. Should you have prohibited items on your person or in the items you brought with you, they will be identified in this screening process.

    Obviously, weapons are prohibited in any Federal court facility. This includes firearms of any type as well as knives. In addition, photography and video or audio recording of court proceedings is not permitted, so don’t bring your camera or tape recorder into court. Other items that would be disruptive to court proceedings are also banned. This may include pagers and cell phones. If you have any of these items with you upon entering a court facility, you may be refused admittance until you are able to remove these items from your possession. Generally, the facility will not have storage space available, so you may be required to leave the court in order to store prohibited items at an off site location. After you have cleared the screening station, you will be permitted to proceed to the courtroom to view the trial or hearing.

  10. There’s another one in Contra Costa County. The SEC shut them down in 2009 and they are just now being indicted, over $75 million dollars. Same U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag. Hopefully one day OUR case will make the newspapers. (Maybe more REL investors should contact this Chron writer and alert him. Will Kane is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer

    In a glimpse at the penalties for these kinds of charges:

    “Hoegel and Wise could each face 30 years in prison and a fine of $1,000,000 for each count of conspiracy, mail fraud, and wire fraud, Haag said. Hoegel was also charged with filing a false tax return, making false statements and obstructing justice.”

    Thirty years for each charge, so just a handful of convictions would be life in prison.

    Hopefully we will see the Ng’s in orange jumpsuits one day; Barney Ng, Kelly Ng, Walter Ng and Maribel Ng at a minimum. Who knows what Barney’s daughter and some other relatives knew too, that might get them charged.

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