FBI update

The following was received today:

Hello everyone,


I’ve received several emails and phone calls requesting to be added to the list of victims.  Please be advised that the FBI has received a list with approximately 2000+ investors.  We will use this list when entering potential victims’ information into our Victim Notification System (VNS).  If any letters are returned due to incorrect addresses, I will then go back and check for correct addresses as well as go through the emails I have with contact information. 


If you know of anyone that did not receive this email, it does NOT mean that they are not on the list I have.  Please inform any other investors that I will be sending out letters in the mail, and if at that time, they don’t receive one, then they should call me to make sure I have the correct address.


Thank you,

Just in case you didn’t receive the initial email, you can find it below.

To Whom it May Concern,

The purpose of this email is to update you.  The FBI is currently working on entering investors into our Victim Notification System (VNS).  When this is complete, we will send out letters notifying potential crime victims of their rights.  Along with the letter, there will be a questionnaire and/or a link to an online questionnaire that the FBI has compiled regarding investments with RE Loans and Mortgage Fund 08.

The process of entering the investors’ information into our Victim Notification System will take some time.  Please be patient as we complete this process.  If the online questionnaire is completed sooner, then I will email the link to everyone who received this email.  It is NOT necessary to send me any information via email since we need specific details regarding your investments (the questionnaire is approximately 5 pages long).

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you know that may have invested with RE Loans or Mortgage Fund 08.

Thank you for your patience,


Christina S. Bouls
FBI Victim Specialist
180 Grand Avenue, Suite 1100
Oakland, CA 94612


17 thoughts on “FBI update

  1. I have one of my former boy scouts at the FBI
    Academy right now, he says they are taking these
    kind of cases seriously.
    Go get’em.

  2. To what extent is Barney Ng being investigated and by whom? Why was his brokers license revoked as told to me by Walt Ng himself? I made notes on a long conversation with Walt some months ago.

    • JJW, you look like you made the Top 20 Creditors list in Walter’s BK filing and look to be an out of state investor. Were you CA at the time? Did you invest directly in RE Loans or through Walter’s “special” fund? I thought that the SEC investigated this activity – weren’t you contacted?

      Not trying to pry, but it sounds like you may have some great, new information.

      PS – REreno is in no way connected with RE Reno or the Ng’s – just a happy coincidence that allowed John Robie to hook up with me during the Siena fiasco.

    • It’s good to see these scammers getting long prison sentences, but in this case, and with Madoff, they pleaded guilty. There was no trial. With RE Loans/Bar K, etc., so far, they are playing their cards closer to the vest and claiming that it’s the economy and elements out of their control, and that they are just honest business men with some bad luck. No admissions of any wrongdoing. That is most likely a factor in why it is taking the FBI and SEC so long to put together a solid case.

      I think Carl Miller entered a not guilty plea, but he had previously sent messages to an investor which might help incriminate himself. Now that Walter has made certain statements and signed documents in his bankruptcy, under penalty for perjury, he’s in a tight spot if he were to suddenly come up with a different story, or “find” money or assets he neglected to mention. That may also be why Walter rolled over and played dead on the 19 complaints filed in his bankruptcy; with the funds he claims to have, he could not afford the legal defense to fight them. (Score one for you blog readers for filing those, because it appears that Walter did not expect you to find a voice and fight back.) Also, information from any effort to fight them could have implications in his criminal investigations.

      There are at least four people in the RE Loans/Bar K scandal who may be at risk of jail time: Barny Ng, Walter Ng, Kelly Ng, and Bruce Horwitz. Even if some agencies go easy on some charges, I think when the dust settles, at least some of them, if not all, will not be able to avoid jail time, unless, one steps forward and makes a deal with the federal government in exchange for leniency. It may not happen, or it could have already happened, secretly, behind the scenes. Whoever steps forward first gets the deal. They don’t need more than one. So it’s one guy who gets to stay in his mansion and the others may get orange jumpsuits.

      Maybe we should start a poll on which one is most likely to turn government witness against the others?

      • Why is everyone forgetting Stephanie and Matthew Kelly (Barney’s daughter and in-house counsel son-in-law)? Don’t they share some responsibility?

        Who was it, again, that crafted/negotiated the WFF LOC loan?

    • The Judge rules in the other BIG Ponzi: http://yhoo.it/SKpT3G

      The government moved to dismiss the case, but U.S. District Judge Robert Scola rejected the motion. He ruled that if the SEC knew Stanford was running a Ponzi scheme as alleged by plaintiffs, the agency was obligated to report it. Scola added that the government could argue that it did not know Stanford was running a fraud if and when the case moved to summary judgment.

  3. http://peoplevsnamvars.com/busted-ventures-rock-persian-jewish-community-ezri-namvar-is-said-to-owe-hundreds-of-millions-financenamco-capital-group/

    Here’s another West Coast scammer and he also was doing the exact same thing Walter’s doing…..filing of BK’s, both personal and businesses, nothing worked tho’….I’m waiting for another posting I did a few days ago as it’s under moderation….but in that other posting, you’ll find all the near exact same thing Walt’s up to…by the way, the recent update from the above article is this:


    He also tried to hide behind the various BK filings and he was on a smaller scale than Walter…failed.

    Yes, I agree as to where to properly post up some information, but it’s all good.

  4. Received FBI’s Victim Assistance Program, registered etc. from Christine Bouls. After all of this, the text states that no information will be released regarding this case. So why do we register? I must be missing something.

    • It means that they probably won’t be sending you anything else written in the mail. You will need to set up an account with their website and that is where you will get their updated info.

      • I did register and set up an account with their website. That is what information was given to me by their updated info. “No information will be released regarding this case”.

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