Happy Friday


3 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. All this photo is missing is the hand held block sign with identifying numbers, names, dates, and charges.

    Its amazing that the Ng gang and their lawyers havn’t been able to get back on message, with more happy talk and promises.

  2. With another Friday approaching and not a peep from
    Ng lair further fuels suspicion that they are planning a big time media blitz to counter the CH 7 expose.

    It is really galling that they are using thousands of our dollars to pay lawyers and media spin doctors to try one last ditch defense.

    They may gain some success with the still cowed investors but will make little impression on the FBI or those of us who have examined their record of self dealing.

    Nothing they say can justify paying themselves, their family, and friends instead keeping the company liquid.

    Barney is going to have to do some fancy footwork to
    backtrack from his lawyer’s letter December 30, 2009.

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