What’s New In The Zoo?

A few items for your consideration and comment:

  1. KGO investigative reporter Steve Fyffe has been interviewing investors and noteholders.
  2. Hundreds of noteholders have contacted the FBI.
  3. People haven’t yet embraced the new message board (http://s3.excoboard.com/barkinvestors) – try it out today.
  4. Weissenborn remains in hiding.
  5. The Ad-Hoc Creditor’s Committee must be holed up with Weissenborn.
  6. Barney hasn’t sued or been sued in months.  Weird.
  7. Shouldn’t we be hearing from Mary Ann Lerch in the coming months?
  8. Did any of the RE Reno investors decide to try to enforce the personal guarantee?
  9. We still miss “Researcher
  10. Has Lend, Inc. done any new deals lately?
  11. It’s tax season…how is everyone handling their various issues related to your “investment”?
  12. How much is the WFF LOC up to these days?

Anything else?

5 thoughts on “What’s New In The Zoo?

  1. Interesting how the Ng’s and Weissenborn have quit trying to paint a smiley face on all of this. The jig is up.

  2. Barney has been sued, again.

    Case CIVMSC11-00702 – LEMAS VS NG Contra Costa Superior Court. Filed March 18, 2011

    Palintiffs are William and Cathy Lemas.

    Defendants are Walter and Barney Ng.

    Plaintiffs attorney is:

    WALNUT CREEK, CA 94596
    Phone: (925) 890-5184

  3. Just heard from Steve Fyffe.

    They do not have an exact air date yet.

    He indicated we should stay tuned next week.

  4. Has there been hint of why Weissenborn remains in hiding?

    He was so full of alternative strategies two months ago on how to deal with Wells Fargo.

    Surely he must have solved that problem by now.

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