The FBI (updated again)

This was posted by “Dave” earlier:

F.Y.I. Apparently many Bar-K investors have contacted the Contra Costa Co. District Atty.’s Office to investigate any wrong doings with reloans. Upon the D.A.’s investigation they have turned the matter over to the F.B.I. The F.B.I. agents name handling the case is Christina Boules ( victim coordinator ). 415-553-7400

Please see comments below from “monagesque” for the most up-to-date information.


40 thoughts on “The FBI (updated again)

  1. I’m very glad to have discovered this blog. My parents, husband, daughter, and I invested a substantial amount of money with RE Loans. The situation is upsetting, as my dad made the investments based on trust, as he and Walter Ng grew up together in Texas. The decades-long friendship between my parents and the Ngs has ended because of recent revelations concerning Walter Ng orchestrating three sizable withdrawals from Bar-K in 2008, just as Ng was wining and dining grateful clients at Silver Dragon Restaurant. My parents trusted the Ngs and now, in what should be stress-free retirement years, they have been forced to rely on Social Security and other, smaller investments. Total loss for my family? Maybe $1 million!

    I can’t wait to speak with the FBI. The Ngs are no better than Bernie Madoff. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Barney and Kelly when we were kids…

      • Why don’t you demand something, not one more day, instead of expecting everyone else to do something for you????????????

      • What does the lack of clear accounting and the drawing of monthly salaries have to do with wrongdoing? It’s one thing to say it’s elder abuse. It’s another to provide a cogent argument as to why.

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