The Siena Saga Continues

Aram, King Kong, Arent Fox and Barney are not fulfilling their end of the bargain – and it’s likely costing us all.

3 thoughts on “The Siena Saga Continues

  1. One observer believes a Chapter 7 conversion will lead to a better/faster/cheaper resolution for RE Reno (and potentially RE Loans) investors.

    Many of you have clicked the link (it’s one of the “Top Clicks” on the right sidebar). Who wants to discuss?

  2. Barny’s Other Nevada Chapter 7

    Seems he is just cursed in Nevada.

    Another great investment by Barney-

    A $20 Million Dollar home and property at Park City Utah.

    Barney likes to gamble with other people’s money. This time it was with $10 Million Dollars of the Cherng Family Childrens’ Trust

    See the Docket Sheet and some key documents at:

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