Tri Ng became Bar K

The document doctor delivered another document (and is a big fan of alliteration).  Here it is.

Here is the link to the previous post on the subject:

4 thoughts on “Tri Ng became Bar K

    • Equitatus,

      Statute of Limitations runs in November.

      Your options are to:

      1. File a lawsuit
      2. Put RE Loans into bankruptcy
      3. Trust the Ng’s & the CRO do nothing

      Lets take a straw pole.
      All in favor?

      • As a straw vote with the limited info we have, and with the Ng family considering bankruptcy, we need to follow the first suit filed against the Ngs and others bt M/M Collins. This action is presently ongoing.By doing so, it may force the Ngs into involuntary BK

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