What Do You Care About? SPEAK UP!

We want to hear from you.  What topics/types of topics do you want to know more about?  We can throw spaghetti at the wall all day long, but unless you give a sh!t, the time and energy spent is futile.  Can you tell us in ten words or less what you care about?

We’ll go first with an example:

Documents proving wrongdoing allowing for any kind of recovery ASAP.


27 thoughts on “What Do You Care About? SPEAK UP!

  1. I care about my brother who apparently has lost all of his retirement.
    I want to expose the stupid bastards for what they are.
    A family of snakes.

    This is a terrible story that needs to be told, in court, in the press, radio and tv.

    It is no less compelling that the Madoff theft.

  2. Here is another one of their brillent ideas.

    A golf development in Kansas.

    The property address is 10400 E. Cottonwood Hills Pkwy, Hutchinson KS. The property consists of a
    championship golf course, single family home development on 619 acres. It is entitled for 338 in all 3 phases; there are 347 residential lots – not counting 59 casita lots (lodging) and a possibility of 232future condos).

    The original loan commitment is $9,975,000 which was 71.25% of the then appraised value of the
    property of $14,000,000. The current value is less than $10,000,000.

    See what the community and professional golfers
    think of this.





  3. Is there anyone available (more than one person)who can visit Weissenborn’s office and set out our investors’ demand for comprehensive updates beyond the scant report we get from him much too infrequently? We are hardly any better informed than we were before. Who among us is in contact with him routinely? I would do this myself but I live in WA state.

    • Well, Frank, there is something called the Ad-Hoc Creditors Committee that was hand-picked by Walter. Members include Allen Cone, Elliott Abrams, Gene Rapp and Pearl Tom. What have they done? Pretty much nothing and we shouldn’t be under the false impression that they have anyone’s best interests at heart except for those of their buddies at B-4.

  4. Regarding the AHCC…what is its charter, and WHY aren’t there routine reports? Otherwise, what the purpose for existence? Can we get some answers? Does the committee have a Chair, with a contact #?

    And, can we form our own informal committee to call upon Wiessenborn for current and comprehensive answers to crucial questions?

    You are applauded for keeping this forum open, yet there doesn’t seem to be much traction among investors to get into faces.

    Am I mis-informed?

  5. John
    The link you provide is for the defunct Creditors Committee that was established in December 2009 and disbanded when Jim Weissenborn of Mackinac Partners came in as Chief Restructuring Officer.
    A major function of the “old” committee was to communicate with fellow investors. Members of the “new” ad hoc committee were required to sign confidentiality agreements. (I did not feel comfortable with this requirement and did not join the “new” committee).
    Gene Rapp and Pearl Tom were on the “old” and continued on the “new” committee.
    Lisa Kran

  6. Is there someone who can help me translate the foreign lanquage that Kelly Ng has mastered. He switches from english to this new form of Jibberish whenever I ask about my money and mortgage fund 08. Being from the east coast ,I’ve heard many forms of Double-talk ,but his must be a new dialect. thank you, Harry G.

  7. Kelly is putting the “stall” on.

    The Statute of Limitations to bring your
    lawsuit against the clowns runs sometime
    this year. 4 years on Breach of Fiducary
    Duty and Fraud.

    Wake up people.

    You will really be pissed when you have
    let your rigth to sue expire and learn
    the real true facts of what these guys
    have done.

  8. I understand there are approximately 1,500 investors
    with an average investment of $500K.

    Where are these people? I count less than 30 people that have ever posted on this blog.

    Are there more people reading it and afraid to speak?

    Just let us know you are reading it.

    Make up a screen name and say hello.

  9. I am definitely interested in joining up with any real action being prepared. Weissenborn’s record so far gives us no reason to think we’re going to get any satisfaction out of this.
    We were always told that ReLoans was in first position on all mortgages. If Wells Fargo was substituted as first holder without our agreement does that provide grounds for legal action?

  10. You people made bad investments and now you want to bite the hand that fed you for so many years? Splash a bucket of cold water in your faces and own up to your poor decision making skills already

  11. Rog, are you a bitter lurker spy or what? THOUSANDS lost their hard earned savings to the Ng machine, and you stomp on their graves? These victims can’t even afford their Costco memberships anymore. For shame on you.

    Or maybe Forrest was on the money with his “stupid is as stupid does” comment. This site now has a lawyer trolling to sign up aggrieved parties to go after the Ng’s. Why not a contingency fee if this is a slam dunk? If the suit is successful, all the Ng’s file BK.

    So Rog may have a real point with his/her vitriol. Quit whining and sue these guys to the moon, or just shut up and accept that your time at Glide may not just be Thanksgiving on the line giving, but on the other side every day receiving.

    • Milk Dud – Who’s the troll? It’s pretty obvious you and Rog won’t be throwing a pity party for those of us who lost so much. You should go find a Bernie Madoff blog and spend some of your free time poking fun at another group of people who lost everything.

      You are potentially right about one thing, though. Should a lawsuit (Collins, perhaps) be successful, a BK filing is likely in the NG’s future. Then what?

    • Frank,

      For the first link one must be invested at least a million dollars? I know there are a number of us who are but there are also many who aren’t. I think that,as noted above, the ‘average’ investment is about half that amount.

      For the second link, in order to take advantage of this IRS ruling one must have enough income to still file and pay taxes. MANY of us don’t. I’m happy for those who do.

  12. RE: FBI Questionnaires

    Fellow Investors,

    In response to my inquiry about the status of questionnaires with Christina Bouls, FBI Victims Unit,
    her reply follows…

    Hi Frank,
    “Only 97 questionnaires have been mailed out so far. Unfortunately, we had a few technical issues with the larger list but they should be on their way out soon. I’m so sorry for the delay! Also, Christine Hemje is the Agent in charge of the investigation, I’m the Victim Specialist assigned to the case.”


    click below and start requesting that this nationwide TV show can get started. The more others chime in and submit the e-mail form, maybe it will get the producers to look quicker also.


    I think there needs to be more exposure on this case so that hopefully, it will help to get back some of the investor’s fund, since so many have lost their entire savings. I have an elderly dad and if it were him that got into this scenario, I’d be fighting mad also.

    Put more pressure on these guys.

    Like the Madoff ordeal, the various agencies also went after various family members and associates, so hope that makes it hard for those who did receive the illegal funds may have to make good one day.

    Hoping maybe if some family member or close friends were to start seeing federal agents, local agents with court papers to appear at their door steps, either at home or place of work, someone might offer some insights to their investigations. Just maybe there might be one honest person that got the illegal funds to do the right thing and add more light to this massive fraud. Sometimes it only takes one person.

    Put more pressure on these guys.

    Get Gov. Brown offices involved, whether you like him or not, that’s not the point here.

    Good luck to those that are deeply hurt by these greedy people.

    I do hope to see the family members in a concrete Hilton one day.

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