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In order to broaden our horizons and to explore areas of concern you may have that have not yet been discussed/addressed, please use this thread to suggest and comment on any issues you believe we should be looking into.

We’ll use your suggestions to begin new topics and move your specific comment to the appropriate one.

Please provide as much information re. the issue as you can and links to supporting documentation serve only to build a better foundation for our position.  Please provide them if you can.

Topics of discussion/investigation are limited only by the subject matter of this blog, Ng family loans, investment funds, and related entities.

We’re waiting.



3 thoughts on “Topic Suggestions / All Items Discussed

  1. It would be nice if the blog would consider a deeper discussion of the Epstein transaction as well as the Olympia brewery back story.

    I would also like to know what happened to Bruce. He has disappeared. Do we know what is happening with Mackinac? They have been silent for months.


  2. RE. Tagami/Epstein/Austin Val Verde Loan.
    We’ve looked at that every which way from Sunday. Other than what has already been discovered and disclosed here, and the documents we’ve found that confirm the transfer, we have little else. The property/loan was transferred to them and disappeared from the list of RE Loans, LLC loans. We cannot yet prove beyond a reasonable doubt our assertion that this was a way to return principal investment to them, but the amount of evidence is slowly growing.

    RE. Tumwater. The brewery story is long and involved, and we have the documents and news article references to go with it. We’ve throughly researched this one and can post many documents and news articles about it. The amount of information we’ve gleaned could support a website of it’s own.

    RE. Bruce Horwitz. Bruce has supposedly retired from his Bar-K positions and, because of financial necessity, gone back to the part time practice of medicine. He claims that he and his family lost the majority of their savings (millions) that was invested into RE Loans yet he has admitted that he received the return of hundreds of thousands of principal dollars after he had told other investors that they couldn’t get theirs.
    He has filed a lawsuit against Barney for the return of a $1 million private loan he made to Barney for the Siena and Barney has responded, not by repaying the loan, but with a $100 million tell all law suit against Bruce. We have the documentation on this case as well and we believe it is the ground work being laid for Barney to file a massive suit against his father, brother and Bruce at a later date.

    RE. Mackinac. We have no later news than anyone else. We looked into what it’s costing us for all of the new people that Weissenborn has hired and the dollar amounts being spent monthly are staggering. I don’t have the figures handy but will post them when found.
    One must remember that, no matter what is said or written, J. Weissenborn and Mackinac are there for just one reason . . . to assure that WF gets their money. Period.
    Weissenborn has no legal obligation to provide information to the ‘Noteholders’. We believe that if there were any ‘good’ news to report that either he or Walter would have done so as a propaganda tool.

    We haven’t been able to find much more than this about these specific issues, yet, but we know we have more information than the Ngs ever thought anyone would find.
    Most of what we’ve dug up took a great deal of research/investigation, cost a fairly significant amount of money, and took enormous amounts of time.

    The Ngs are very good at obfuscating their actions and at stonewalling.

    • Yes, we will take on the task of a major rundown re: the All American Bottled Water fiasco in Olympia, WA in the near future. Herculean would describe the effort it will take to compile a coherent review.

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