Who Is James Kroetch?

Who is former Bar-K attorney James Kroetch?  Will a deeper understanding of Kroetch lead us down a productive path? 

An anonymous poster has pointed out that Kroetch now runs Medallion Silver, LLC:

Entity Number: 201002510065
Date Filed: 01/22/2010
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity City, State, Zip: ORINDA CA 94563
Agent for Service of Process: JAMES E KROETCH
Agent City, State, Zip: ORINDA CA 94563

If anyone out there believes an examination of Kroetch can be instructive, please share any information you might have below in the comments section.

34 thoughts on “Who Is James Kroetch?

  1. im looking for any information on kelly engineer, james e kroetch , rico dd inc anything, im suing these people for conspiracy to commit fraud and am trying to find more victims these guys are bad, thieves the DA in sacramento ca is investigating them as well if youve any info pls pls contract me 916-718-0095

  2. What is being done about these people now? They own property that was suppose to be sold to homeowners and was not causing major issues in my property values as it’s on the same property and now because of this they are trying to run for board positions. Is there any update on Jim Kroetch and his criminal activity? I want everything I can to present at the candidates forum on why these people should not hold board positions. Not to mention they have no true vested interested in improving the property. I wish they would just by us out of our loans and rent all of the property out.

  3. James Kroetch is a crook, and a pedifile, and I for one will be glad when karma catches up with him Kelly Engineer of Rico DD, and the rest of his band of crminals, who uses fraud, with the help of the court systems. Their day is coming……FBI, and AG are aware of thier unscrupulous criminal behavior. Just sit back relax and keep watching the news……wait for it……

  4. Thieves!!!! They illegally foreclosed on our home ,while protected by a court order they repeatedly sold our home in a shell game and absolutely nothing has been done which why they get away with this!!!

  5. james e kroetch and kelly engineer are thieves!!! they need to be stopped, dont be fooled by them. what does it take why hasn’t these animals been arrested yet there stealing hard working people livelihood. i for one will not rest until there behind bars. im a victim of these parasites and if you are too email me join me in taking these jerks down.

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